Janathon Prep – 19th December 2010

Published December 19, 2010 by fitflo

I read jogalogs blog this morning about running in the snow, and the encouraging comment from Sean (audiofuel – great running music!!) and decided to brave the snow and go for a jog this morning. I’ve never run on snow so I was a bit wary – I wore my Merrell cross training shoes – thick tread so great grip.

Quick bit of background here, I started joggoing last year in an attempt to lose weight. I’d never run before, although at school I was very fit as I played basketball twice a day. I started on the treadmill at a pace of 7.2k an hour ( I know, I know snails pace but it was a start) and over the last year although I haven’t lost weight I have kept this up and am up to comfortably jogging at an 8.5k pace for around 30 minutes. I’ve been trying to push myself up to 9k an hour, and can manage it but with walking breaks every now and then.

Anyway, on to today! I have runkeeper on my i-phone so I switched that on – it tells me every 5 minutes what pace I’m at. And somehow, this morning my 1st 5 minutes were at a pace of 10.58 minutes a mile!! That’s a pace of over 9k an hour…outside…IN SNOW!!! Woohoooo – Go Me!! Of course after that is it all went wrong and I ended up at an average pace of 13mins and only ran 1.45m (it was COLD!) but I do feel like I achieved something today. I got my sorry arse out of bed, ran for a bit and was quite quick (for me) – AWESOME!

Heres a pic from todays run

1st run

Speak soon



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