Janathon Prep – 21st December 2010

Published December 21, 2010 by fitflo

2nd activity since I started this blog – so technically I have managed something every other day!

Finished work late so went to the gym – I’m a bit wobbly on my feet and it looks icy/slushy and too damn cold!! I haven’t really done anything for about a month, and have been tucking into the Christmas Baileys/Chocolates/Party food, so I thought I’d do a mix tonight to ease me back in. I went on the treadmill, walking at between 6 – 6.5kph for 1 – 2 mins (dependant on how puffed out I was) followed by 2 – 4 mins of jogging at 9kph, and then a minute or so of 20 second intervals at 12kph. I know it sounds like a strange old mix but I know from old if I do this mix for the next week to 10 days I’ll get back to a decent level of fitness pretty quickly.

Somehow I managed to do my fastest treadmill 5k – 35m 30secs – my previous record was 36m 32secs. Don’t quite know where that came from… I ended up doing just over 6k and it took me 42 mins, I’m pretty happy with that – roughly 12 minute miles. My goal is to get to regular 11 minute miles by the end of Janathon.

I followed my run with a swim (60 lengths of a 20m pool) a sauna and a jacuzzi – bliss! Is there anything better than a hot tub after a stressful day? All the days woes and wobbles float away on the lovely bubbles! Ooh – get me – I just wrote a poem haha!!

Right, time for bed. Day off tomorrow to do all those Christmas Prep things girls need -present wrapping, dessert making etc etc


Carla x


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