Day 3 – I love bubbles!

Published January 3, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Run

Distance: 3.61m (6k on treadmill)
Time: 42:45
Soundtrack: Confessions on a Dancefloor – Madonna

The temperature has dropped here (Luton)- is there more snow predicted? I am a bit (a lot) of a fair weather jogger, and anything below about 4 degrees is a bit too cold for me!! So I went to the gym and just about beat my previous treadmill 5k record! It was 35m30s which I did on the 21/12, but today I did 35m14s. I carried on to 6k and then I was just about done. I was really looking forward to my run today – I had a little swim afterwards too as I find that helps loosen me up, and of course a soak in the jacuzzi…bliss! I took a shot of my 5k time below – I tried to take one of the 6k but it’s too blurry to read so you’ll just have to trust me on that one!

Looking back on yesterdays blog, it was all about food, which pretty much sums up the last 3 days for me. Hubby and I have had 3 days at home on our own, and that always spells disaster as we don’t get a lot of downtime together so we crash out on the sofa, encourage each other to be naughty and revel in our badness! It’s a good job I’ve had Janathon to get me active in the last 3 days otherwise I’d feel far worse than I already do. Anyway, we have decided to restart our healthy eating from tomorrow, so then of course we had to finish last nights bottle of wine, and the bread and cheese and olives…and now we’re on the liquer chocolates!!

I made some jalapeno poppers too – thanks to Corina for the recipe…well worth the effort although I think the chilli peppers I got were a little toooooo strong as my mouth is still tingling!

To sum up Day 3 – jogged, logged and blogged again. Have impressed myself so far with ability to a) get my arse out and actually exercise 3 days on the trot and b) be disciplined enough to log it and write something about it that people are actually reading and commenting on! I feel like I’ve built up a little community of friends – 20 or so fellow Janathoners that I am checking on every day…I think that’s my limit as any more than that and I’ll lose track of who’s who!

So I’m off now to read all your blogs – well done on Day 3 all!



14 comments on “Day 3 – I love bubbles!

  • Isn’t it lovely having down-time with one’s hubby? We’ve had a week, and the sofa, cheese, wine and chocolate all featured. He’s back to work tomorrow, though I’ve a little more time off. I’m under instructions not to be too smug about it.

    • Hahaha! Am sooo not looking forward to getting up tomorrow, our body clocks seem to have slipped into an 11am to 2am day (the ashes have not helped that!), and tomorrow hubby has to get up at 5.30 (he’s a postie). I felt quite smug about my lay in til 7am til I read your comment! I expect a super long run and extremely witty blog from you tomorrow then! Mine, on the other hand, will be short and boring as I am plaaning on running before work and i am REALLY not a morning person!

      • Argh you’re not wrong about The Ashes affecting sleeping patterns! I’m completely out of my mine and also have the same crazy idea you’re touting – are we really going to run before work?! Madness. But then again perhaps this is what Janathon is all about – pushing us to find time for our runs no matter what’s going on. That and the great little community of course – I’ve never seen such a supportive and genuinely interesting bunch… some of these blogs are great! Anyway best of luck with the early start. Perhaps take heart in the fact that you’re not the only one out there!

      • Hahahahaha – pre work exercise – I actually had an involuntary shudder when I typed that! I’ve never been a morning exercise person, but as I am working til 8pm Weds and have tickets to see TRON 3D at the IMax on Thursday night (yayy so excited!!) I know I am going to have to force myself to do it, and you know what they say -misery loves company!!
        Wish I lived in cardiff…think I would happily bribe one of you to come and drag me out of bed by promising you breakfast or doing your laundry or something!! The only plus side is I don’t have to leave for work til 9am so in theory that gives me plenty of time to go before work…in theory! Good luck for tomorrow, it will definately be my hardest day yet.

  • Ooh Jalapeno poppers I love those, am gonna check out that recipe next :o)

    Yep 3 days and still going strong, we’re doing great! Just got to keep doing it for another erm… 28 days now!

  • We’ve been enjoying lots of sofa time too. It’s so nice, isn’t it. Am going to try and be more healthy from tomorrow. The problem is we still have lots of chocolates to eat up from Christmas. Thanks for adding the link to my recipe. They do make your mouth tingle but I love that.

  • I think you’re very brave running before work. I’ve contemplated it a few times but just can’t bring myself to get up early enough to actually do it. I agree with you about the janathon community, it’s so much fun reading other blogs and motivational too! Good work in the gym today 🙂

    • Thanks Tess. I read through the other blogs and think I’m slow/doing rubbish distances etc then I have to remind myself I’m doing triple what I would’ve done and it’s better than nothing! Just hope it translates to wonderful weight loss on Sunday….

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