Day 4 – nearly crashed out…

Published January 4, 2011 by fitflo

Who invented time before 8am? Does anything exist in that time (apart from posties and milkmen)? Why is it there? 

Well, you’ve probably gathered from that rant that I DID NOT get up to do my run before work – sorry think I goaded you into it and didn’t come through my end.

*sigh* So I started the day a bit grumpy as my alarm still woke me up at 7am – I snoozed it twenty thousand times (why did they make iphones with infinite snoozes?) and finally dragged my sorry carcass out of bed at 8.17 giving me precisely 33 minutes to shower, dress, dry my hair, put a bit of slap on (would scare small children if I didn’t) make a healthy nutritious breakfast, eat said healthy, nutritious breakfast and also make healthy nutritious lunch and feed the cats. And make the bed as it just feels too slovenly to leave it unmade. Oh and pack my gym bag so hubby could pick me up from work and take me straight to the gym.  I prioritised. Got self ready, fed cats as they can’t do it for themselves (something we might have to change!!!) and packed gym bag. I managed all that with 2 minutes to spare, so into my lunch bag went a tin of beans and a bagel (for brekkie) and a tin of tuna, a bag of salad and a wholemeal pitta for lunch. Felt slightly happier with all those achievements so skipped out the front door into my friends car (does that count as todays exercise??), then realised I’d not made the bed…ah well somethings gotta give during Janathon right?

Todays run (treadmill again)

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 34m 45 secs (another new PB!)

followed by

Stationary 3 mile bike ride – 11 mins

Soundtrack: Discovery – Daft Punk

Got to the gym –  NIGHTMARE!! Read this blog and all the comments and that’s what it was like. I couldn’t even get PARKED!!! Nearly turned around and went home then…but pushed on through it.

As today is day 4 I had to choose an album beginning with D. Which would I go with? Dave Pearces Dance Anthems, The Dance Never Ends (new album from Faithless – awesome, saw them in December at the O2 and it was fab!), Dark side of the Moon – a classic, Divine Madness – one to go nuts to…oh so many to choose from…I went with Discovery in the end as it starts off very hard dancey which is great to run to and then chills out to some good cycling tracks with a couple of slow ones at the end to stretch to. Perfect pitch and length for my workout today – it got me through.

So, I got there in the end then – did my run although not at original planned time. V apprehensive about the next 2 days – tomorrow I am working til 8pm so really would like to get it done in the morning, although it wouldn’t be a disaster if I had to do it after work. But Thursday I am going to see Tron 3D straight from work (did I mention that before??) so I HAVE to run in the morning… did Juneathon and said day 8 was her worst…I think it could be Day 6 for me…

Ho hum Day 4 done and dusted – well done to everyone who is still along for the ride – and if you got off for a day worry not – just climb back on tomorrow! Thanks for all you comments too – I’m hoping that accountability spurs me into getting up tomorrow!



7 comments on “Day 4 – nearly crashed out…

  • You would think by know beds would self make! Jealous of your 3 mile time, wish I could do that, maybe we could do a virtual trade, I have no problem getting up early so I’ll have your pace and you can have may early riser gene. See that’s what Janathon is all about, support!

    • Hahaha!! I don’t quite know how I’ve got to that time to be honest…I’m 5ft 9 and weigh 235 pounds! Today I jogged at 8.4kph and then for the last minute of evey k I whacked it up to 11kph then had a 30 sec walk break at 6.2kph. So – that’s my secret…what’s yours????

  • I really love the album idea, that’s inspired!!! Good on you for managing to run after work, I know no matter how horrid I feel when the alarm goes off there’s noway I’m going to be able to get home from work, relax for an hour till Steve gets home and THEN drag myself out so we can run together….while getting up an hour earlier sucks its still the lesser of two evils!

    Good luck for tomorrow 🙂 Day 5 – halfway to double figures!

  • I also love the idea of picking an album each day that
    starts with the next letter of the alphabet! Luckily there are
    still 27 days of the month to go, so I will start tomorrow!
    Decisions decisions… will it be Sigur Rós’ ‘Ágætis Byrjun’ or Bob
    Dylan’s ‘Another Side Of…’??!

  • Oh that’s good to know that day eight is supposed to be the
    worst, I’ve been wanting to ask that question. And I like your
    morning prioritising – you managed to get most of your list done.
    I’m not sure cats self-feeding is a good idea, ours would just end
    up eating constantly and become a large grey, furry, but obviously
    still beautiful, barrel.

  • I try and make sure lunch is ready to take out the fridge straight into my cooler, and I leave all my smoothie ingredients in a plastic pot with a lid in the fridge too. When I’m showered and ready for work….lunch into cool bag, smoothie blitzed with hand blende and into a thermos mug, to be drunk on the way to work in the car (not whilst driving obv!!). Every minute helps! Well done for getting out and scoring a few more miles xx

  • Well – it’s lunchtime day 5 and I haven’t done my run yet, so I’m with you in lacking theresasixpackunderhere’s early riser gene. Hope the gym calms down soon, and well done for sticking with.

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