Day 5 – Part Two

Published January 5, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Run

Distance: 2.2miles

Time: 28m15secs

Soundtrack: Eleven to fly – Tin Tin Out

So where to start…I ran home from work! Well, almost – I ran up the 1st big hill…just about; then along the flat bit and halfway through hubby (wonderful, darling, amazing man that he is) called me to say he was finished football training and did I want a lift?

Did I want a lift…is the pope Catholic? Does a bear s**t in the woods…hell yeah I want a lift!! So, he met me a little way up the 2nd big hill and I gave him a big kiss! The run was OK, but boy do my calf muscles ache. I suppose that does come with the territory with having no rest days, I am stretching like mad and planning a hot bath tonight before bed.

The soundtrack…once I started playing it, I realised it was one of the buys I made during my “cheesey vocal led pop” phase, that last just this 1 album I think! It was OK, very bland, faded into the background and I almost forgot I was listening to music! I would not recommend it for running to.

Am v tired and need to get my bath in before an earlyish night – I HAVE to run tomorrow morning so I need some sleep! Haven’t had chance to look at any other blogs and probably won’t tomorrow, but I’m off work on Friday and staying up to watch us lift the Ashes, so all my usual peeps I’ll pop over and see you  then.

Thanks to all who are encouraging me – you are keeping me going at the moment – I hope I am/can return the favour!

Oh, just one more thing to throw out there…who is planning on going to the meet n greet at Hyde Park in feb? I’m definately going to be there and can’t wait to meet you all – does someone normally organise a little something to say thanks to Cathy? (hope she’s busy reading the other 249 blogs today and not on mine!!). I am completely new to this – never done Juneathon so not sure of the protocol…

Day 5 done – whoopeee!!



6 comments on “Day 5 – Part Two

  • OMG comPLETELY forgot to mention, Magathon – I saw a squirrel on the way home. It was squashed on the side of the road (not quite sure how it got there as miles from a park). It was a grey one and it made me sad…I don’t like to think of things or people dying, I nearly stopped and put it in a bag or something, but I didn’t have one and it was halfway up the 1st big hill so I wished him well and on I trotted.

  • Auswomble was at the cricket yesterday, bah humbug. I’m seriously considering staying up for it this evening. Hope the stretching and hot bath do the trick, and well done on getting out after work.

  • Jogalog – totally agree, legs are really starting to feel it. Had a hot bath and am busy rubbing some Elemis muscle rub oil stuff that my friend gave me when I told her I was doing this. I’ll let you know if it worked in tomorrows blog!

    Abardypus – am totally jealous that he/she gets to go!! Am working on hubby for a trip there for the next one out there as it will be out 10th wedding anniversary too!

    Runningjen – haha! that’s what I was worried about – seriously you can’t be any bigger than me! 5ft 9 235 lbs tho hopefully that will be a bit less by then. If they are all super fit we can sneak off, tho they all seem nice lol!

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