Day 6 – morning run

Published January 6, 2011 by fitflo

Today’s run
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 25mins
Soundtrack: the Fame – Lady GaGa

Hurrah! I managed a morning run! Forgot my water, tissues and to turn runkeeper on til over halfway round, but still I got out there! My internet connection isn’t working so am updating this on my phone sorry if any typos. Short and sweet today – jogged, logged, blogged! Will catch up with you all properly tomorrow. Good luck for today everyone!


3 comments on “Day 6 – morning run

  • Well done for doing your morning run – it is something that I always struggle with. I wouldn’t really need to take a bottle of water out with me for shorter runs – I find carrying a drink more of a hassle and it stops me swinging my arms. If you drink plenty before the run then you should be ok.

    • Yeh – I’mt not a morning running person! I think that’s the only one I’ll do! I’m still quite new to running and I do sweat lot so I tend to need water if I’m doing more than a mile or so…maybe I just use it as a crutch tho? Hm might have to monitor that…

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