Day 7 – Wet Run

Published January 7, 2011 by fitflo

Todays run

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 40 mins approx

Soundtrack: Greatist Hits by Groove Armada

Oooh, I had my first ‘moments’ with other runners today! I don’t know why, but I never see anyone on my evening runs – perhaps all the people round here that run are morning people? Oh, tell a lie I did see a girl in a pink top once but she was v fast and v far away – it was a blink and you miss it moment.

Anyway, as I was saying, today I saw TWO runners, and one of them I saw TWICE! Encounter no1 was at the start of my run, I decided to do my normal 3 mile route the other way around, so big hill at the beginning then fairly flat until little hill at the end.  I left my house at 3.45 ish, forgetting I live round the corner to a senior school, so spent the first few minutes dodging gangs of yoofs and Mums cars parked skewiff on the pavement. It was chucking it down, but rain doesn’t bother me when I run as I find it keeps me cool and other people are too busy dodging puddles to pay attention to me huffing and puffing up the road! Where was I, oh yes my runners moments:

ENCOUNTER No1 happened at the bottom of the big hill, I was swerving to avoid a group of kids, and I saw a man running towards me. Mid 50s fast pace, strong looking legs, looked like he’d been running all his life. He was wearing shorts (shorts?!?!) a light running top and a hat. I was wearing running tights, a T-Shirt, a fleece, my London Marathon waterproof (more on that later), a hat and gloves. I felt like the beginner I am. I had to turn right to go up the hill, and as I was thinking ‘shall I just turn quickly, that way he can pretend he hasn’t seen this sight that must burn his eyes and mock his dedication’ he sped up, caught my eye, gave me a big smile and a little wave of his hand! *gasp* He had acknowledged me, as a FELLOW RUNNER! Totally made my day!

Quick bit on London Marathon tops. Sure there must be other people out there like me. I have entered the ballot 3 years runnning now and not got in. I always opt for the ‘give you entry money to charity and get a free souvenir top’ route, so I am the proud owner of a black and grey Flora London Marathon training fleece (from 2008 entry), a red waterproof Virgin London Marathon training jacket (from 2009 entry) and a white waterproof Virgin jacket from last years entry. I have seen a couple of people out running in the fleece but never in either of the others until today which was:

Encounter No2 when I was about 1/3 through my run. I was on a nice flat, straight bit when through the murk of the rain and dusk I saw this white thing coming towards me. It was a bloke – I suppose about my age, wearing the white LM training jacket and just a pair of shorts. He didn’t look as comfortable as the other guy did, but still had strong looking legs (I do like a man with good legs!) and for all I know could be at the end of a 10 mile training run! As we passed he lifted his hand at me and nodded his head. *gasp* He, TOO, had acknowledged me as a fellow runner!

I then had

Encounter No3 which was with the same man from encounter No1 – he must have been doing a similar route to me, however he had done just under 2 miles in the time I had done just over a mile. Oh well, at least I’m out! He gave me a little smile that seemed to say ‘yes, we are doing the same route, yes I am much quicker than you, but keep going, you’re doing OK!’..not quite sure how I got that from a smile but I did, so I gave him a wave and a very goofy but cheery HI!!! He probably thinks I’m special now – and so do I but in a different way!

I was in 2 minds about running today as I have had a chesty cough the last few days that doesn’t seem to be going away, but I am SOOO glad I did. Not only do I feel better for it but I also feel like I took a step towards being part of my local running community…maybe I should think about going back to the running club I tried for a couple of weeks last year…

Janathon Stats so far:

Days gone: 7

Days I have run: 7 – woohoo!

Total miles (incl cycles): 21 not a bad start

Am pleased with my 1st week – am aiming to increase the mileage next week perhaps to around 25.

Well done everyone – 1st week crakced!!



8 comments on “Day 7 – Wet Run

  • I have one of the red tops… never worn it though as it may drag on the floor when I run and I do look very much like a small child wearing her dad’s coat!! I never know what to do when I see a runner for a second time… so I too do what you did and give an over-enthusiastic response… never received one quite so enthusiastic back again yet though… where do you run?! 🙂

  • I’m dead impressed that you own so many marathon tops. Whenever I consider entering, it’s (a) before the ballot opens or (b) after the ballot has closed. To manage to remember 3 times in a row…I’m in awe!

  • Great post. I love seeing other runners out, and I love the
    little runner’s nod, it’s like being part of a special club. I
    wonder if any of the people you saw today were

  • I’m so glad to know someone else has all the London marathon ballot faillure tops too. I have all yours plus the one from the year before, which was a greyish waterproof. I’ve never worn the waterproofs but I’ve often worn the fleece. It even went to Kilimanjaro with me as I needed lots of warm layers. Good luck on getting in next time.

  • Maggie – lol! I live and run in Luton – within a stones throw of the airport – how about you?

    Abradypus – once you’ve entered once they send you an e-mail letting you enter about a week or so before others ( i think that might have been something to do with the flora/virgin switch over) anyway, I’ll get an automatic place on my 5th entry which

    Jogalog – means if you apply this year you’ll be in for 2012!! Are you gonna do it? How awesome to run the marathon route the same year as the Olympics!!

    Kaye – funny enough I was wondering if either of them were – maybe we should ask Cathy if it’s OK for us to make our own Tshirst with the Janathon logo advertising our participation!

  • Hi Flo I too have those jackets but also have blue fleece, blue rain jacket fand the grey one someone else mentions, wonder what colour will be on offer this year and dont they come up huge! I love wearing them as its a great conversation piece with strangers, met someone in Cheddar Gorge who had done the london marathon too and she and I had a great chat about it while them family yawned in the background. Carefull of that chesty cough

  • Your post has really made me smile! Before I ran I thought runners were all weird an aloof – now I know this is far from the truth (OK, a little bit weird). When I first started parkrunning I was so slow, in order not to be to embarrassed I started half an hour earlier. The other people (yes people still beat me) on the course would cheer me on as they passed me – and they still do now, even now I can jog it all and run at the normal time. My mum at the beginning thought they were being sarcastic – they are not, they are acknowledging you as a fellow runner – as someone who has got out and made the effort.

    Are you a member of a running club? It has made such a difference to me? I ran a local 10k last November and I was with some people who didn’t know me, and they were amazed by all the cheers and calls of support I was getting from the fast runners on the other side of the road – they were my brilliant running club Hyde Park Harriers in Leeds and a few others from other local teams that I know from the parkrun.

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