Day 8 – A mini triathlon…

Published January 8, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 6.5 miles (3m run, 3m cycle, 0.5m swim)

Time: 1hr 20 mins approx

Soundtrack: None

Felt rough yesterday – think all the late nights watching the Ashes had caught up on me. Went to bed at 9pm last night and didn’t get out of bed until 1pm today… 17 hours in bed – awesome!

Chesty cough still playing up so decided to work out at the gym, and challenged myself to a mini-tri. Did my usual 5k on the treadmill followed by 5k on the bike and 42 lengths of a 20m pool. Then sat in the sauna for 15 minutes – bliss! Now have beer in hand and wondering whether or not to go out…it is Saturday after all.

We are now officially over 25% through the month – go us woohoo!!

Carla x


8 comments on “Day 8 – A mini triathlon…

  • LOL – I never thought of it like that – the sleep or the time left to do this month. Hm…ironwoman…maybe that will be my challenge to keep me going after Janathon – thanks for the idea!

  • Well done on the mini-tri. Sauna was well deserved.

    PS – If you’re serious, I’m happy to give knitting your kitty a whirl. Post a piccy up on your blog and I’ll see if my muse speaks to me ;). First attempt will be in red and black, as that’s the colour of the wool I’m using up.

  • Isn’t it a good feeling to be over 25% of the way through the month. I’m seriously impressed with your sleeping abilities. Hope you’re feeling better soon, although it doesn’t seem to be getting in the way of your physical efforts.

    • Hahaha – Honestly I don’t do that often…I am not a lay in sort of person which is why I had to blog it as it was so unusual for me. Definately a combination of the Ashes late nights and my cough-that-feels-like-the-start-of-a-chest-infection-but-i-am-fighting-it-off!!

  • It was really difficult for me to get motivated today and my cough and cold are starting to get a grip too – like the sound of your mini tri in the gym – will see if I can get myself geared up to have a go this week and copy you! Thanks for the idea – hope the next 25% goes by easily for us then it will be down hill all the way (I have a feeling week 2 is going to be bad news for me at least)

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