Day 9 – Sunny Run

Published January 9, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Run

Distance: 3.46m

Janathon total so far: 31.4 miles

Time: 45m 09s

Soundtrack: Hed Kandi – Twisted Disco 02.04

Slooooooow run today – in fact walked nearly half of it. Woke up thinking I would go to the gym again for another mini-tri, then looked out the window at the gorgeous sunshine and beautiful blue sky and just had to go out. However, it was freeeeeeeezing and  my chesty-cough-that-I-am-determined-not-to-stop-me-doing-anything unfortunately had me coughing and spluttering and generally feeling llike I had smoked 40 fags last night (which I didn’t – 0 this year woohoo!), so I was a bit pathetic and ended up running then walking half a mile at a time. Still it was a beautiful crisp day and my legs felt OK – was just let down by my lungs…damn lungs!!

When I got home I decided to clear my conservatory out so that I can actually get to the weights machine, reebok step and gym ball that have been sitting in there for a year. In the process I created 2 new beds for the cats which I think they are pretty happy with:

So, a couple of comments on yesterdays post have got me thinking…maybe a triathlon? I’m enjoying Janathon so much, I really am the sort of person that needs a challenge or a goal to keep me going. Maggie suggested in a comment on yesterdays post, that given my ability to sleep for 17 hours (ok maybe I wasn’t actually sleeping for that long, but definately dozing…and I do think it’s cos I’m coming down with something not cos I’m lazy) and then exercise OK, I should think about it, and steve was also impressed.

But then I remember I am fortnightflo, and the reason I am called that is because I get these grand ideas in my head, go rushing into them at 100 miles an hour then either lose all interest because I’m not the best, or just give up because I’m not getting immediate results. And maybe they were just being nice cos after all that’s what Janathon is all about – encouraging each other no matter what our abilities and results….So I’ll stop looking at the British Triathlon site…well, I will after I’ve just copied and pasted this link of the different length of race so I have it for future reference:

Quoted in terms of swim/bike/run:
Super sprint – 400m/10km/2.5km
Sprint distance – 750m/20km/5km
Standard distance – 1500m/40km/10km
Middle distance – 2.5km/80km/20k
Ironman distance – 3.8km/180km/42km

Other good news today, did my first weeks weight and measurements and here are the results:

Weight lost: 4lbs

Inches lost: 2.5 – 1 from waist and 1.5 from hips

Well chuffed – if that continues I’ll lose over a stone in a month and maybe go down a dress size – awesome!

Most of my runs over the 1st week were 2 -3 miles and I’d like to get that up to 3-4 miles over the next 2 weeks, so I’m joining Stopsley Striders running club tomorrow – they run Monday and Thursday evenings and the miminum distance is 3.5 miles so that’s 2 nights a week taken care of.

Well done on reaching day 9 everyone – BTW did you know someone is on 149 miles already – LEGEND! Not sure I’ll even hit that for the month! Would be interesting to know how many people have run and blogged every day…out of 250 I reckon must be at least 40% of people still in?



13 comments on “Day 9 – Sunny Run

  • I did a supersprint triathlon back in 2007. The swim was fun – open water and in a wet suit on a gloriously sunny summer day. Cycle was fine – though I think I was the only person on a Brompton lol. Run killed me, but as I’d done little to no running training that was to be expected. Definitely worth thinking about, and if you have the running sorted, you’re 1/3 way there!

  • I still think it’s a good idea… just take your time getting into it and prepare gradually. It would be a brilliant challenge. I love the idea of something like that, but I can’t swim!! Well, technically I can faff about in the water, which takes me about 50 metres but I can see from your info above that that wouldn’t be enough!

    I also salute you for getting out with a chesty cough. I’ve been bemoaning mine for a while now as I started with it in the week before Christmas… and it’s still here! However, same approach – it will NOT stop me doing things!

    PS… your cats look VERY happy! 🙂

  • Give the triathlon some consideration – I’ve taken the plunge this year (1st triathlon in August). Admittedly I’m fairly daunted by it, but its also helped me get some focus for my training – and I’m learning how to swim!

    Its a new challenge thats given me some new enthusiasm… go on… give it some more thought 🙂

  • If you’re capable of doing all three exercises then I see no reason not to do a tri – the standard and middle distances look like perfect targets. I’m with you on the commiting for a fortnight and then moving on though… so at least this Janathon business will be a whole month of locking ourselves into an activity! Who knows what’ll be possible after that!!

  • Wow well done on the weight loss! I feel like I’ve toned up a bit but not sure I’ve lost any weight. I have weighed myself but as I didn’t weigh myself at the start it’s kind of irrelevant! Keep it up Flo!!

  • WOW – What a session! Well done! Im trying to get into the tri scene and Ive joined a club but my swimming lets me down!

    Keep going – Change your name to monthlyflo… That doesnt sound right!

    p.s – My wife loves the pics of the cats!

  • Thanks for all your comments about my weight loss, it’s like having a free slimming club all this support I’m getting!
    I have been looking into the Tri thing a bit more….I just donlt know where to start tho. I think I’m going to look around for a local club…

  • Had a first look at who was still both running everyday and blogging everyday. Didn’t get far down the list (about 50 blogs) but only found 10 still fully at it! Amazing amount drop down to cross training or somply miss ablog. It’ll be shocking to see how few make it to 31 days…but encouraging for the rest of us that a little resolve goes so far!
    Keep at it. Looking forward to the running club updates as I’m considering one of the local clubs now but not sure if club life is for me.
    Or if my leg will snap before the month’s out, to be honest!

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