Day 10 – With my new running club!

Published January 10, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 3.13m

Total Janathon Distance: 34.5m

Time: 37m39secs

Fastest pace: 8m 39….yes 8m 39s!!!!

Soundtrack: The lovely lady who ran with me and kept me going…

Well, I am officially a Stopsley Strider. Lovely bunch of peeps – all very colourful (I had waterproof envy as I was in my red LM top) and friendly. I had been before when I had a half hearted attempt at regular running last August. When I told the coach I’d run every day this year but that my pace was static, she said I needed to start pushing myself a bit harder and sent me out with someone whose normal pace is a 10min mile (mine is between 12-13) and boy did she push me! My runkeeper decided to turn itself off 1/3rd of the way into the run (if you click on the link the map shows I ran to the middle of nowhere and stopped), luckily my partner had a garmin which does all sorts of funky stuff, and showed our quickest pace was 8m 39s – WOWEEEEE, and we covered 3.13m in 37 39 which makes it my quickest run yet and I am gutted Runkeeper buggered up…

I suffered last night with the Janathon insomnia that seems to be going round, tossing and turning and checking the clock til 3am, I wonder what causes it – excess adrenaline? Muscular something or other? In my case it was trying to think of how to improve my blog – having been blown away by the diagrams etc in Cake of good hope‘s blog, and the stream of consciousnees that jogblog produces with apparent ease and is informative, witty and engaging all at once, and steveandkatyrun who put in snapshots of their runkeeper and won’t share how to do it!!!! Anyway, after 3hrs I couldn’t come up with anything – I’m just not the creative type, so you’ll have to put up with my boring notes and the odd picture every now and then to brighten it up. Talking of which – here are my Christmas slippers…after my trainers they are the footwear I have worn most this year!


12 comments on “Day 10 – With my new running club!

  • Hey, well done you on joining a running club! I am very impressed that you are even considering doing something as challenging as a triathlon, and even more congratulations of weight/inch loss. My colleagues are trying to persuade me that I should be planning on running a half marathon, but that seems like a lot of hard work! Maybe I should see if I can just complete janathon successfully before thinking about anything further!

  • I love reading your blogs… they’re interesting, and always produce a little giggle… which is just what i need at the end of the day, so no more sleepless nights please! 😉

  • LOL – I am thinking the same thing – if I get through Janathon in one piece then I think I’ve proved to myself my body is capable and so I will sign up to a Triathlon…the thought of that seems more palatable than a half, I don’t know why…

  • Do you know how to take pictures of your runkeeper now? Steve says he showed you on our blog 3 days ago? We just take snapshots on our iphones (you can do a screenshot) and then treat it as a normal image. Wouldn’t know how else to do it but I hope that helps xx

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