Day 11 – What has got into me?

Published January 11, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance 1.56m

Time: 20m 39s

Soundtrack: Insomnia – The best of Faithless

I think someone has drugged me. I woke up at 7am this morning and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep (I don’t usually get up til 8am) I thought ‘I know – I’ll go for  RUN!’ WTF??? I NEVER want to get up in the mornings, let alone an hour early to go for a run! But I did…I wasn’t that great – my legs are very achey and the cough is still plaguing me, but I managed a pace of 13m 12secs which isn’t bad , for me, at 7am in the morning! And here I am at 8.15 showered, dressed and eating breakfast – this is all new to me…dare I say I could probably manage this a couple of times of week?…


12 comments on “Day 11 – What has got into me?

  • FAB! Maybe this is the new you… brought on by Janathon! You might wake every morning from now on thinking ‘I know what is a great idea… a run and then off you’ll go with a bounce in your stride and a smile on your face! I’m liking that image! 🙂

  • Actually I wouldn’t be too unhappy if this was the new me – it felt good getting to work and being awake…but then we had the quietest day in ages and it draaaaaagged – but at least I’d already run so I could come home, crash in front of the TV and catch up on all your blogs!

    And yes…I think maybe I have caught the running bug…eeek….me?….how weird but cool!

  • Well done. We must have all brainwashed you so your body starts to think it’s normal. I’m starting to love getting the run over with early and knowing I don’t have to do it in the evening after work.

  • That’s… amazing! I bet you never thought you’d be the person that wakes up and thinks running would be a great idea?? Reminds me of this “motivational speaker” I once saw who said there was something wrong with people if they didn’t LEAP out of bed, ready and keen to face another great day ahead of them. I’m not so certain about the leaping but this is a great start! Keep it up.

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