Day 12 – The long run home

Published January 12, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 2.3m

Time: 30m 24s

Sountrack: Juneathon – Audiofuel

Wednesday is a horrible work day for me – I start at 9am, finish at 8pm and it is always really busy. When it came time to run home, I was actually looking forward to the opportunity to work the day out of my system, plus i wanted to kill the big hill!

Didn’t go as planned I’m afraid. Half a mile in I was really struggling. My calves were screaming in pain, and my steps were getting shorter and shorter. I plodded on and somehow managed a pace of 12m30 for the 1st mile which was definately down to Audiofuel.  After that I got slower and slower and ended up walking the top bit of the big hill, I really must attempt that hill when I have some energy… Really liked the Audiofuel tracks so I’m thinking I’ll either have to win it (not sure I’ll be anywhere near in the prizes for Janathon tho – there are some impressive mileages out there) or buy it – damn!

Anyhoo, just sitting down to a v wierd dinner combination of smoked haddock, ratatouille and toast – all microwavable and QUICK! Too tired to write more, but well done everyone on Day 12 – nearly 40% completed!!



9 comments on “Day 12 – The long run home

  • Well, to honest, it’s just not good enough. All these other people are just pretending to be nice, but what they are really thinking is ‘I don’t care if you’ve worked 11 hours, you should cook like Nigella and run like Mara… Now don’t write any more until you have kicked that hill’s butt!’ 😉

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