Day 14 – Oops I did it again!

Published January 14, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 1.19 m

Time: 15m36s

Soundtrack: Kiss Ibiza (the only K i have…)

Still on a high from last nights run, I crawled wearily jumped out of bed when my alarm went of at 7.15 to go for a morning run, as I am going out straight after work tonight. As it was less than 12 hours since my 4m run last night, I decided to do a short route – just over a mile, and then spend some time stretching as I didn’t get much of a cool down last night. I have decided to embrace hills, so I went up and down one today – not a massive one, so imagine my surprise when I checked and found out that for minute 10 of my run (the downhill bit) my pace was 6m 41 secs!!!

I love hills!

HILLS are my new friends!!

Day 14 – 8.24am : jogged, logged, blogged, showered, dressed and fed – wowee!! I’m normally out just falling out of bed at this time!

Am planning to join the Milton Keynes Park run tomorrow so wish me luck – have a great Friday!


EDIT: Re: all your notes on yesterdays post:

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. I really did fall in love with running on that run. My pace was steady, I had encouragement from the other club members and running down that hill was really something else! I’m so glad I am part of Janathon – without it I would neve have joined the running club.

PS. Kathyrn – can’t believe you’ve never heard of chips and curry sauce! V common here – I live in Luton but come from Essex and all the chippies sell curry sauce…


11 comments on “Day 14 – Oops I did it again!

  • In Cardiff we have cheese and chips… and then curry sauce. It’s probably the reason I’m not quite inside the healthy BMI range! Glad you got the screenshots working and hope you had a great parkrun.

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