Day 15 – Park run woohoo!

Published January 15, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 3.1m

Time:  37m 43s

I’m lacking inspiration this morning, I’m tired and worn out from getting up early and my run so sorry if the blog is a bit boring!

8.30am this morning saw me sitting in the car park at Willen Lake MK, wondering whether to get out of the car or not. I’d been up since 7am, had a flapjack and a berocca to fuel me, and driven to Milton Keynes for my inaugral Park Run. For some reason I was nervous… REALLY nervous. I had that funny feeling in my stomach I get before I play in a poker tournament… the sort of feeling that you need to go to the loo to get rid of. So I tweeted for a bit, and 2011 miles assured me I’d be OK and wouldn’t come in last, although how he knew this I don’t know! Misty2k also tweeted that she was doing a parkrun which made me feel a bit better, so I got out of the car and scurried into the premier inn for a last nervous visit to the loo.

It was still only 8.35am so I loitered around for a bit feeling cold, tired, wondering what the hell I was doing up and 22 miles from home on a Saturday morning. Then suddenly it was 8.55am and there was a nice smiley man saying good morning to everyone. There were about 200 people around me so the nice smiley man led us down to the start and we all sang happy birthday milton keynes parkrun, which was a bit surreal, while someone was taking pictures on a camera with a lens as long as my arm, and then he said go and we were off.

It was cold and really windy, I started in the middle of the pack and was gradually taken over by all but about 7 people but that’s OK cos I was running in my first race and it felt good! I decided not to listen to any music as I wanted to see what my natural pace was and I wanted to be able to enjoy my surroundings and also just in case anyone wanted to talk to me but I wouldn’t have been able to talk back as I found it quite hard. I hit the zig zags and had to walk up the last zag, next minute I was flying round a corner and and a woman said it’s OK you’re halfway! That gave me the legs to keep going so when I got to the last stretch I managed to keep running although I couldn’t sprint. When I got the the end the nice smiley man said well done and a few people clapped – I felt awesome!

Phew, I did it –  my 1st mile at a pace of 12.26 and 3rd mile at 12.13 which is quick for me. I could have stayed to eat bacon butties and cakes and drink coffeee to celebrate the anniversary of MK park run, but to be honest I was cold, bright red, dripping in sweat, legs wobbly – I didn’t think I’d be good company. So I came home and ate beans on toast and had a bath and now I’m going to to sleep read a book for a couple of hours and hope that when I get up  back on line, the results are on the parkrun website. (I’m Carla Greer if you want look…)

UPDATE: I came 204th out of 215 – I wasn’t last woohoo! 37m43s

Oh – and



15 comments on “Day 15 – Park run woohoo!

  • Well done on sticking with it for over 14 days and for doing your first parkrun. Your first race is always a bit scary. I’m now definitely going to try the running club tomorrow and I’m terrified of that.

  • Good on you – the feeling of achievement is wonderful and
    is the same each time you finish a race – it’s a bit like a drug
    and now you’re hooked….

  • Wow that’s brilliant in so many ways. I simply can’t imagine being brave enough to run in a race! That just takes the biscuit that does! And you definitely need a new name!

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