Day 16 – Running – BAH!

Published January 16, 2011 by fitflo

Todays stats

Distance: 1 measly paltry mile

Time: A sluggish 14m02 secs would’ve been quicker walking :/

Soundtrack: Audiofuel to get me through

2pm in the Greer household

Hubby: So, when are we having dinner?

Me: After my run

Hubby: When’s that then?

Me: Dunno

Hubby: But I’m huuungry

Me: Oh god alright then I’ll go for my run but only because you’re making me and anyway what kind of an IDIOT signs up to run EVERYDAY in January when before they’ve only run 2 times a week on a TREADMILL mostly and I should be due a rest day shouldn’t I and it’s so STUPID that I have to run outside and it’s raining and BAH!!

Hubby: OK, see you in a bit!

I did go out, I did one mile, and that was only by running up and down to the end of my road once I’d run round the block. Am feeling a bit moody today – won’t bring you down with my negative thoughts I’ll be fine tomorrow I’m sure. Jogged, logged, blogged – hope you’re all having a better day than me – and thanks to lottabottle for giving me a shout on twitter to get me out!

Thanks lotta!


13 comments on “Day 16 – Running – BAH!

  • I’m sure you’ll feel better soon. You can do it! Some days are bound to be like that. I found yesterday difficult but now feel so much better. Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve been giving everyone else.

    • Thanks Corina – was just one of those days – have had a gin and tonic and feeling slighttly better – am wondering if perhaps I am suffering alcohol and nicotine withdrawal as I haven’t drunk or smoke since 31st december!

  • Love this blog. I soooooo understand where you’re coming from. Though I’d have made it to about 10pm as no husband to make the point so I win the who-can-procrastinate-most fight I reckon!!!

  • Yaaaaaay! gin and tonic…. Woooooooop! going for a run when you didn’t want to! You have just done what possibly only 5% (complete guess based on no actual research) of the country has one today!

    Don’t feel down… feel proud!… and have another one of those gin and tonics! 🙂 x

  • Yippee for you – it doesn’t matter how far or how slow you ran it’s that you ran. That’s what counts.
    AND, now you’re over the hump so it’s down hill running from here on in 🙂

  • You went out and ran when you really, really didn’t want to. On day 16 of a crazy exercising every day plan. In January. And then logged and blogged it.

    It’ll be a walk in the park the rest of the year! Well done.

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