Day 17 – Running – yay!

Published January 17, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 3.25 miles

Time: 44m 37s – it was VERY hilly

A much better day in the Greer household which started with hubby bringing me a cuppa at 6am before he left for work to try to tempt me up to run before work. It didn’t work…I had a slurp than one of the cats came up for a cuddle, next thing I know my normal alarm went off att 7:50. …but it did mean I woke up feeling all loved (by cats and hubby) and positive – much better than yesterday.

Uneventful day at work, was really looking forward to my run this evening with the club as I have been improving my pace and distancewith them. Tonights run was a real test – 2 long hills and one short v sharp one, I was running with a 72 year old man who was keeping up with me (or was I keeping  up with him?!) and chatting away whilst I was huffing and puffing as normal.

In fact, I noticed today (and this is based on no research just my observations which could be just confined to my running club) that runners look YOUNG. They were giving out certificates tonight for all these vet 50 and vet 60 races and seriously these people looked GOOD. It’s just another reason to carry on running! Oh, and I also decided that only certain men can pull off running tights and they are few and far between – if you’re a man reading this sorry, but it just looks a bit odd – roll on the summer when you can wear your shorts and show that your legs are all sinewy and muscled rather than just skinny which is how they look in running tights…

Thanks to everyone for your comments yesterday – it really meant a lot to me. Abradypus summed it up best for me:

Sorry you felt your run on Sunday was rotten.  I wonder whether we’re all getting a little caught up with Janathon.  I mean, if I weren’t doing Janathon and I pulled myself out of the house for a mile run when I didn’t feel like it, I’d be congratulating myself and feeling smug, not beating myself up.

Sooo true, so I’d now like to say I am proud of the fact that on day 16 I went out and did a mile when I really didn’t feel like it. I am still aiming for hardcore status, but my god am I looking forward to having a day off running on the 1st Feb!

PS A funny nugget to share with you – this really happened!!  Hubby called me today asked if I wanted anything from the supermarket. I said I was doing pasta with Garlic and chilli prawns for dinner, so could he please get some linguine. When I got home there was no linguine – I asked where it was…his reply? Oh, I thought you said get something greeny so I got some lettuce…



12 comments on “Day 17 – Running – yay!

  • Nice work. I echo your thoughts on men in running tights. Admittedly I’m not attracted to men (except Nathan Fillion who I’d melt for in an instant) so I’m not the best judge, but purely from an aesthetic point of view, a guy needs to be carrying some solid muscle and little gristle to carry them off, IMHO.

    D x

    • Oooh – just IMDB’d him – he’s hot I can see why you like him!
      Love your tweets by the way – am a bit befuddled by twitter so tend to just read them and giggle – just wanted you to know there are people reading them even if we don’t feel brave enough to reply!

      • I think it is as much the characters he plays as anything. Dashing, funny types. Firefly was a favourite and now so is Castle. And thanks for the compliment. Twitter can take a while to get “into” but once I did I was hooked… as you can probably tell.

  • tee hee hee hee hee! Sorry, I was just agreeing with your thoughts on running everyday and dragging yourself out the house, then found myself laughing out loud at the miscommunication of something greeny! tee hee hee… I’m still laughing! 🙂

    • My mum once wrote a shopping list for my dad and put down ‘stock’. What she meant was ‘general stock of everyday things that I can’t be bothered to write out’. What he interpreted was stock cubes…of which he bought a huge tin. We never did finish them, but they made great building blocks.

  • Another great post, and some brave running with your club. I’m terrified of mine at the moment, they make me want to do “fast efforts” and “hill reps”, and the thought of trying to go fast on these battered legs fills me with dread! Apologies too from an occasional running-tight wearer – my wife agrees with you whole-heartedly.

  • Haha, I wear tights in the cold at the mo – and I can assure you that when the weather heats up and I put my shorts on, you would not be thanking me, my legs are definitely not sinewy or muscle-y! Just wobbly. 🙂

  • Hahaha to be honest I’d have probably heard it as “something greeny” too… can’t fault the man, a lettuce fits the bill!

    And you’re not wrong about those tights. Is it really too cold for shorts? We are running after all. 🙂

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