Day 19 – Wow only 12 days left!

Published January 19, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 1.71m

Total Janathon running mileage: 51.6

Time: 21m18s

Soundtrack: Audiofuel again – my go to when I’m tired…

Short blog today – am knackered and need an early night, and it’s 9.20 and I’ve not even eaten yet, and everyone can get away with one short one in a month! Sort of cheated by getting a lift to my friends house from work, she lives just under 2 miles away from me but thankfully all flat. An uneventful run except that I ran straight through a group of hoodies, who actually MOVED OFF THE PATH TO LET ME THROUGH! wow – nicers chavs in Luton than where Helen runs!

Running club tomorrow so mileage will be far more respectable. Happy Hump day everyone!



7 comments on “Day 19 – Wow only 12 days left!

  • Sometimes people can be surprising.

    Last year I was running laps around a park where there were some lads hanging around who I though might be trouble. But we had a short conversation every time I passed them. They asked me how many laps I was doing and then counted down the total for me. They sort of joined in.

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