Day 20 – Captains Log

Published January 20, 2011 by fitflo

Starship Janathon
Captains log
Stardate 64554.5 somewhere in the delta quadrant…

The crew are getting tired. It’s been 20 days since they’ve had any rest and cracks are starting to show. Maggie is starting to see plots and danger where there us none, whilst k’s phototronic circuits (she’s our holographic doctor) are throwing out more and more complex diagrams and theories. Our resident borg GaRyV is testing the limits of his implants and technology by pushing harder and faster every day, and Abradypus, the Caitian we picked up from Ferasa has taken to sleeping all day and only venturing out into the corridors in the dark when no one else is around.  I’ve already lost some crew members and have had to put 3 in the brig for slacking. I fear if I don’t rest them soon we’ll have a mutiny on our hands but what can I do?

My directive from Starfleet was quite clear — All members of crew of the Starship Janathon MUST jog, log and blog everyday in January. I’ll just have to get Joglog, our vulcan chief of security, to plan a detour to a friendly paradise planet when it’s all over for the crew to get some R & R.
As for me, well I did my time today on the holodeck programmed to simulate a running club on Earth. It was fun.
This is Captain Flo signing off…until tomorrow.


17 comments on “Day 20 – Captains Log

  • Wentey smiles as he watchs his captain at the ships main helm……on the outside he is showing solidarity, on the inside his maquis blood boils and he plots to overthrow the federation and the janathon oppressive!!!

    As the klingons say dddarrkkkeee mok na nee!!!

  • Will be slightly ****** if I’m one of the ones in the brig, wouldn’t mind the rest but would HATE to be thought of as slacking, so feel you have to name them to stop the cyber speculation!

  • All of you are invited to Paradise Planet – yes there are jacuzzis, massages, massage chairs and big fluffy dressing gowns – in fact it’s Champneys at Henlow which is just down the road, and is where I have just booked a spa day on the 13th February woohoo! Normally go to Tring but won a voucher for Henlow so will have to put up with all the orange wags and wannabees.

    As for who is in the brig, I couldn’t possibly name and shame anyone, as I have top respect for all who are still along for the ride, even if they dropped of for a day or two.

    When I first set up my blog, I started following a few people, then following people that were following them, and so on so I am now following about 40 people, whose blogs I read every day (even if I don’t comment) and all bar 3 of you have exercised and blogged everyday!!!
    Obviously I am attracted to/by like minded Alpha people who are either
    a) nuts
    b) mad or
    c) both of the above and very hardcore i.e. WILL NOT GIVE UP!! So big up yourself if your reading this as it means you are one of them!!

    Shaz you are definately not in the brig – I am thinking of promoting you to 1st Officer!
    Abradypus – same to you too – am going to post the pics and tell everyone how wonderful you are tomorrow!

  • First Officer oh Iam honoured and feel like I now need to do an Oscar type speach, but will spare you that, but will now walk tall and run for the rest of Janathon, thanks as ever for making me laugh out load!!

  • Not sure that is an honour being an Essex girl! No fake boobs, eyelashes, tan or botox on me! A label I try to avoid but have given to my youngest whp was born at St John’s poor kid!

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