Day 22 – Already??

Published January 22, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 1.04

Time: 13m04s

Busy day been on the go since 8am, didn’t stop all day went for my run at 8.20pm which is later than I run weekdays!! Just did a token mile as I was knackered from all the furniture moving and cleaning and shopping for paint etc etc. Just scarfed dinner and am going to have a quick squizz at all your blogs. Sorry for the brevity…house taking priority this weekend.



7 comments on “Day 22 – Already??

  • Woah I saw your current pace there and thought you’d run a 7 minute mile! You must really sprint it in to finish – I’m a fan of the last 100m but it makes me wonder how on earth people manage to run at that pace continuously?!! Congrats on making single figures! 🙂

  • Hahaha – I think it was the thought of dinner that made me faster at the end – it was a very long day!!

    Thanks for all your comments – it’s wierd I was getting twitchy by 7pm as I hadn’t run…guess this means this is a habit now!!

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