Day 23 – Covered in Paint

Published January 23, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 1.97m (gah why didn’t i run for 10 seconds longer??)

Time: 23m41s

Woohoo! I’m getting quicker – my average pace today was 12m mile, and that was on a hilly route – I decided to try to tackle the ‘big hill’  I normally face when I run home from work, but this time early in the day with plenty of energy. Only walked for a little bit in the middle which is extra steep, coming down hill I hit 6m22 and maintained a pretty good speed throughout so am well happy with that run!

Decorating is coming on leaps and bounds – the orange walls are finally gone (yuk – mango something or other it was when we first painted it 7 years ago) and as we were painting I was thinking – isn’t it funny how when you’re young you want all these garish, statement colours in your house but as you get older they just start to hurt your eyes!!   We bought our house 11 years ago, and I remember planning all these wonderful colours I was going to have each room, and did, but over the years we have muted them out. The once vibrant sky blue spare room is now a mellow ‘soft stone’ (light biege), the burgundy bedroom is now ‘warm stone’ (slightly pinkish light biege) and now the orange is gone from the lounge and we’re eyeing up the kitchen next although that may be a big job as we actually need a whole new kitchen units and all – bah!   It’s not just me either, as when my brothers wife (who is 10 years younger than me) moved in with him a few years ago, she painted the downstairs loo blood red – it is now a muted chocolate colour and a far nicer room to spend time in…not that I spend alot of time in it of course!

Ahh, I digress, must crack on with some painting as hubby keeps asking me to pass him things which means he wants me to do stuff. Luckily dinner at the in-laws tonight so a welcome break ahead!

Hope you all had great weekends. Running club tomorrow – yay!


PS I have a ticket for Paul McKennas I can make you thin live show at Hammersmith on 19th Feb – it’s 8.30-5pm I think. The seat is row C and was £99. I can’t go now – anyone fancy it? Make me an offer!!!!


11 comments on “Day 23 – Covered in Paint

  • Sounds like you’re making good progress. We went straight for the beige in the only room we’ve decorated in the last ten years 🙂 Being fundamentally incompatible, a neutral colour was the only thing we could both agree on.

  • Haha – so true.
    My whole flat is white.
    I say I ‘get the colour from the things in the flat’ but clearly that’s rubbish – it’s just easier that way!
    Hope you got a lot done before your dinner.

  • Yep… our house is distinctly ‘muted’… We argue it will make it easier to sell, but I think truth is age has made us boring… normal?! Good work on the speed increase… great running! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Wow! you were flying down that hill. Our flat is all pale magnolia – just like when we moved in. Clearly painted that way so it would be easier to sell to us. We thought we’d liven it up a bit but four years later it’s still magnolia. Think we’re just lazy.

  • Isn’t it just anoying to find out if only you’d run 2 mins longer it would have been another whole mile or taken you to that next milesone!
    As for painting – us too – had this house 16 years and we move closer to white each time we can be bothered to redecorate!

  • As this is predominantly a running blog, I feel compelled to… completely ignore the pace you were running at and enter into a piece about my pillar box red lounge, green hallway, blue and pink kitchen (!!? I know!?), blue bedroom, orange and yellow study (now nursery – no decoration required there then) and the green hills / blue sky that is my son’s room.

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