Day 24 – Woohoo – best run EVER!!!

Published January 24, 2011 by fitflo
I love running, no really I LOVE RUNNING!! I ran my farthest and fastest so far in Janathon today – check out that pace below – woohoo!!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I am REALLY excited! 3.66 miles with the club the rest was my run home. Average pace under 12 minutes…

Best run EVER!!!

I must admit I have a secret weapon that a friend recommended – for goodness shakes. It’s a new recovery drink and apparently if you drink it after training, it can improve your performance by up to 40% the next day. I drank my 1st one after yesterdays run and look at the improvement. It could just be psychological but who cares if it works?? If I drink one every day then I should be performing 280% better by Monday next week, which means if I’m running 12 minute miles now I’ll be running 4 minute miles by next monday – is that right??? Haha, either way if it means I can do a bit more mileage it’s all good!

This run got me thinking – my mileage for Janathon is now 64.8 miles – for some reason whilst I was running I got it into my head that I want to get to 100 by the end of January. That means I have to average 5 miles a day for the next 7 days, when throughout the whole of January I have only run 5 miles once. Now, I know it’s a bit mad, especially as it’s the last week of the month which is always busy with long days for me, but I am going to go for it…I have enough shakes to last me til Sunday, and I want to prove to myself just how hardcore I can be. Right now I am floating on cloud nine and it feels like anything is possible – let’s see how we feel tomorrow!

In other news, I must share with you some amazing knitting courtesy of abradypus – we got to chatting about her knitting and cats, and it ended up with her knitting me a cat…well not a real cat but a picure of my cat! Look how good a likeness it is…

Isn’t it fabulous!!

Am going to sign off now – it’s 10.42 – taken me an hour to upload this as my virgin connection keeps dropping out. By the way, thanks for all your comments re room colours yesterday – great to know we’re not alone!!


16 comments on “Day 24 – Woohoo – best run EVER!!!

  • Very well done on your fabulous run and the plan for the rest of the month!!

    What a handsome cat. Ours is a right scraggy old mess but we love her all the same

  • Fab post 🙂 Great run tonight – well done! Love the knitting – really good likeness. I think by getting this far you’ve already proved your hardcoreness! Good luck with the last 7 days of Janathon and hope you enjoy the rest of it as much as you did today!

  • Flo, you are a bloomin’ star and super-hardcore. Well done. And I like your crazy 100 mile goal, just don’t cripple yourself in doing it okay.

    Plus you realise you’re now three-and-a-half-weeks-at-least Flo.

    Gorgeous bit of cat knitting too. Perfect likeness.

  • That was a familiar theme through most blogs on day 24, that we are all fitter and faster and doesn’t it feel good and aspire as to hang in there for the next week. Think we should all partake in some king of clinical sturdy to find out whats happens after 24 days of daily running apart from the achy everything ofcourse.
    Good luck wiht making it to the 100 mile mark, I know you can do it, not so sure about the 4 min mile though sorry!

  • Oh my goodness I’m so impressed! Both with the running and the knitting!!! I’ve never been able to knit, my stitches always become too tight or too loose or something and it just doesn’t work!

    So glad you’re enjoying the running, that’s so important to this whole thing is getting that buzz and WANTING to get out there. Can’t believe that this time next week you’ll have all reached your goal…run every day for a month. So easy to say, much tougher to do! Good luck with smashing that triple figure mark!!!

  • congratulations! so good to see so many happy posts about personal bests! am definitely going to try out your secret weapon drink. best wishes with your hundred miles,what an achievement!

  • Brilliant idea… you go for it girl! Also, love the idea about For Goodness Shakes, with those sort of statistics, I’m buying some tonight… it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

    Also, LOVE the knitting Abradypus… how cool is that! I’m always in awe of people who have creative talents like that… I’ve dabbled in drawing, knitting, dressmaking etc… over the years and each time the only word to describe the outcome would be disaster! I would never have even thought it would be possible to get such a good likeness!!

    Oh yes, and Kathyrn is right… you’ll have to change your name! 🙂

  • Well done 🙂 I’m so envious of anyone who can do the Janathon. I’m not fit enough yet 😦
    We seem to have the same taste in blogs, I keep coming across your posts on other blogs!
    Keep up the hard work 😀 FGR x

    • LOL – I think there is a group of 15-20 of us all checking up on each other every day which is lovely – the sense of community has been without doubt the *BEST* thing about Janathon for me. To be honest, I didn’t think I was fit enough to do it at the start of the month – but try it – your body might surpise you…I weigh 16 and a half stone and am a size 20…

  • Well done, that’s a great achievement! and it doesn’t matter how far or fast you run, so long as it leaves you feeling how you appear to be feeling. I think that’s the reason we do it surely, putting ourselves through it all so that we may experience that high of breaking boundaries and setting new highs!!

    And I love FGS’s. The superberry is blooming delicious!! 🙂

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