Day 25 – I don’t think I like treadmill running anymore

Published January 25, 2011 by fitflo

When I started Janathon someone (who knows me very well) said, ‘so are you going to do all your runs on the treadmill then?’. I am a person that generally doesn’t like being uncomfortable – cold, wet, too hot etc etc, and to be honest I did think at first that I might do 80/20 indoors/outdoors. However as the weeks have gone on, and I joined my running club, I realise now that I actually prefer running outside…treadmill running just makes me hot and sweaty and bright red and BORED!!!

So todays run was a boring treadmill run – otherwise it would have been an outside run at 10pm, not comfortable doing that on my own! It was 3.62m (6k) in 40m 57s which is an average pace of 11.21 – massive improvement again and I’ll be delighted if I can replicate that outdoors. Another Pb for the 5k – 34m28 – only 5 secs shaved off but still better! I listened to the marathon talk podcast no42 – most interesting and a good background to run to as no beat to get slowed down by!Short post tonight, as it’s late and I’m tired…will catch up on all your blogs tomorrow.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterdays post – have still got the high and am planning another long one tomorrow – the 100 is in sight! 32m to go – 6 days that’s 5.4ish a day – eek!!!



12 comments on “Day 25 – I don’t think I like treadmill running anymore

  • I find that treadmills are like salad. With salad, you eat and eat and eat and eat and there’s still as much on your plate as when you started. With treadmills you run and run and run and run and you’ve only gone about 100m. 😦

  • I agree completely about treadmill running. I hate running in the gym (and haven’t been in a gym now for ages) as I’m always clockwatching but outside I tend to switch off and enjoy it more

  • I used to only run on the treadmill for similar reasons but once I started outside I no longer use a treadmill but like you could never have imagined it turning out that way at the time! Well done on your run and great to hear you’re still on a high! 🙂

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