Day 26 – Not feeling it today

Published January 26, 2011 by fitflo

It’s not the runnings fault, it’s my job. If I didn’t have to work, especially the long days I’ve done this week, I reckon I’d be at 100 miles already. But stupid life and the need to earn money gets in the way 😉

A very slow plod home tonight – a 12 hour day at work, fueled by a pizza express Padano for lunch, no breakfast (v unlike me) and no green stuff or fruit – it’s my own fault that I feel sick and lethargic now. On the plus side at least I still managed a reasonable 3 miles, which means the 100 mile target isn’t unachievable, and it looks like we’re off to wembley – I listed to the Hammers game on the way home! Am so tired now I’m afraid I am going to head to bed after I’ve watched the 2nd half of the Hammers match and caught up on some blogs. Katy is back with a great brownie recipe so make sure you check it out!!

Night all x


8 comments on “Day 26 – Not feeling it today

  • After I ran my first marathon I got a letter from my Dad saying how proud he was of me, not just for running it but for sticking with the training with work to work around, its not easy to fit it all in is it? Paula Radcliffe does not have these problems. Well done for running every day especially today when clearly not in to it. Sleep well

  • Life, work and sport all vie for your time, and it’s the balance that’s important. Well done on getting out of the front door, and even those little bits help – you’ll hit the 100, nae worries 🙂

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