Day 27 – Are we nearly there yet?

Published January 27, 2011 by fitflo

Today, I mostly felt like an ironing board. I looked like one (one-way creaky movements) and felt like one (hard, stiff muscles) and flat as a board emotionally. The muscle thing I think is because I didn’t stretch after yesterdays run – my own fault entirely. As for how I feel INSIDE…that’s just to do with stressful month end in a sales environment – I won’t bore you with the details.

So my run today was a short one with the running club. It was minus 1. I may have improved my running but I’m not mad yet so when one of the women asked who was up for a shorter run I jumped at the chance!! Hubby asked if I wanted a lift there so I could run back like I had on Monday. I just gave him my Roger Moore-esque one eyebrow raised I-bet-you-think-you’re-funny-but-you’re-so-not-but-don’t-even-thnk-about-calling-me-a-lightweight-for-saying-no-or-else-you’ll-be-cooking-your-own-dinner-and-doing-your-own-washing-for-a-month look.

Todays Stats

2.65 miles

34:13 m

Am going through a little period of insomnia at the moment so another short one sorry! Roll on the weekend – lay ins and slobbing sofa time yay!!



11 comments on “Day 27 – Are we nearly there yet?

  • Insomnia definitely doesn’t help the running. I’ve had some bad night’s sleep this week, with the heat we’re having and it’s definitely made me feel more sluggish and less motivated. Sorry to hear you’re somewhat flat, but at lest you still did the running. And it’ll be the weekend very soon.

  • I’ve dreamt about running EVERY night for the past 5 days now… always running away from something. Strangest one was last night, when I met everyone on the blogs but then we had to run away from vampires… not squirrels strangely! We are nearly there, it’s just around the next corner! 🙂

  • Haven’t been having insomnia, but I’ve been sleeping very dreamily. I either dream of running (waking up safe in the knowledge that I’ve already jogged, logged and blogged for the day) or of sitting in meetings at work… I too am looking forward to a restful weekend.

  • Well done for getting out there especially with how you were feeling today both physically and emotionally, it can’t have been an easy one. Hope you’re feeling cheerier tomorrow and a little less achey and that you have a lovely relaxing weekend 🙂

  • I’m still undecided whether a) I’ll make it to the 31st and b) if I do whether or not to go to running club on the 1st Feb. If I get there, I think the club run might close the month off more nicely than just stopping in exhaustion. But then I am ruined, so who knows?!
    Keep going, though, all runs are good runs. Honest.

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