Day 28 – 3 days to go whoppee!

Published January 28, 2011 by fitflo

Lots of questions came to me tonight on my run, the most frequent one was just how bloody cold is it? (car temp gauge said minus 1 when I got home) Does my body use more calories running when it’s colder? Does my i-phone know it’s colder and work that out for me? If not, why not – someone must be able to come up with an app for that as there’s an app for everything else, including one to work out when to have sex if you are trying to concieve – ew – but I digress…How long do a pair of trainers last? Is there an easy way to tell when they are worn out? Why doesn’t someone design them with a little thing to say when they are worn out? Most importantly who is in my little group of Janathoners?? I’m v intrigued! Because there are so many entrants Cathy asked some of her buddies to help out with the monitoring – so which one of my fabulous cheerleaders is my checker? I’d just like to say hi to you, sorry you’ve had to read my ramblings (I’m surprised you carried on checking once GaryV hit 200!) and I hope to meet you at Hyde Park!

Anyway, onto my run – felt much better today, had to take some stuff to my friend who lives about a mile away, so I took the long way round, stopped for a coffee and a gossip and came the short way home as it was brass monkeys! I’m not going to reach the 100 – it’s been too cold and work has intervened, but at least it will give me something to aim for in June(athon).

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18 comments on “Day 28 – 3 days to go whoppee!

  • Lol – your brain sounds about as active as mine when I’m out running.

    Oh, and I’m a checker. Not yours though. I’ve still be reading all posts though – counting it as homework! How far short of 100 are you?

    Only 3 more days to go!!!!

  • I wish I could remember all my running thoughts by the time I get around to blogging – usually much later on. I do a lot of thinking but then forget about most ofit when I get home. Three days left feels fantastic – I can feel my enthusiasm coming back.

    • That’s a great idea – 85 it is then! Thanks for that…I am a goal and target driven sort of person!

      Moving along – 23 miles – bit too much of a stretch for me – 5.5 is my longest in Janathon and 9 miles my longest ever and that took me 2 weeks to get over!!

  • Bleugh to 100… who needs 100?! You’ve run every day… got fitter, faster and you’re clearly loving it! That’s what counts! sod the 100… or do a Febathon!… really, I didn’t suggest that… that wasn’t me!! I think I might sleep through February!! Hello cheerleading checker… whoever you are! 🙂

  • Yes… Febathon allows Fridays as a given… at least one day off on the 1st and then you’re allowed to run for as many days as you like, with rest days when you fancy them! I think this could catch on!! 🙂

  • I agree with Maggiee, who needs 100, what a boringly round and ordinary number that is. Much better to end up with something weird and unusual like 83 . . . in my opinion . . . as someone who’s not going to make it even to 100k, let alone miles over Janathon . . .

    I’m a checker, but not of your blog Ms Flo. I’ve been reading all the posts of my people and thoroughly enjoying them, although a few have dropped out. And one even deleted their blog . . . was it something I said?

    • Ah I can’t believe they deleted their blog- reaaally didn’t want to do it! Cool to be a checker – maybe I’ll be promoted for juneathon! I think I am going to have a party for one when I finish my run on Monday whatever the number I’ve reached. Woohoo!

  • oh so the police I saw last week on my circuit probably were Cathy’s checkers after all?! Good for you going for 85. My intention is to just make the next 3 runs, and the way my body feels this morning that is a huge ask! Want to double my miles for Janathon 2012 though. There. i’ve said it, i’ll have to train all year now!

  • I do like your suggestion of a device to tell you when your trainers need replacing. Like the blue bristles on toothbrushes that fade when you need to buy a new one, or the lumps that develop in milk when it’s a little old, 😉

  • What brilliant running thoughts. Mine tend to be around ‘ooof’ ‘aaagh’ ‘hey – if you get to x miles by y minutes you could stop’ ‘how about going on the bike instead’.
    I did come up with one brilliant lesson idea whilst on the treadmill – however it involved the small people doing rather a lot of running and they weren’t overly keen on that idea and fairly justifiably said ‘it’s cold, we’re wearing our uniform not our PE kit, you teach us SCIENCE not PE, just because you’re getting fit doesn’t mean you have to make us’
    Love teenagers.

    I like the idea of a random number – what about 87.78? Not only is it palindromic which is cool but if you do 8x7x1.78 (multiplying the numbers together) and round it to the nearest number you get…

    ….100 🙂

    • Brilliant!! That means I have just under 10 miles to go, hmmmm will involve a minimum 5 mile run tomorrow on a hangover – could be a good cure or kill me!
      Thanks for the great idea I love number puzzles and patterns, I wish you’d been my teacher – i might’ve done something with that interest!

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