Day 29 – Thank god it’s Saturday

Published January 29, 2011 by fitflo

Quick run fit in between paid work (in the office) and unpaid work (cleaning the house). Friends coming tonight so lot’s to do, did one lap of the block – very cold and I was slow. I have realised that it actually takes me 2-3 miles to warm up – the best run I did was Mondays 5.5m and I felt like I could have gone for ages! It’a shame I have only just dicsovered that, but without Janathon I wouldn’t have so it’s all good.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what my body is capable of, hopefully by the time you see me in Juenathon I hope to be running 5m at least 3 times a week and at a sub 11 minute mile pace!

Hope you all have a fab weekend.

Todays Stats


13m – to my checker I’m sorry I know this is poor but without Janathon I wouldn’t have got out there at all so I think it should still count, and I am doing so much better than I was at the beginning of the month thankyou, loveyou bye x


7 comments on “Day 29 – Thank god it’s Saturday

  • Well done for just getting out there! I know what you mean, about taking a couple of miles to just get warmed up, there are definitely times when running feels like the best thing ever and you can just keep running, and others when moving one foot in front of the other takes all the effort one can muster!
    Thanks for all your suport during Janathon, hopefully see you online again in June!

  • I found that today, I wasn’t into the groove until about the 3rd mile, but once I was it was great. Getting out for a mile is to be commended… it never would have happened without Janathon. I think you’ve set yourself a great goal to work on over the coming months too. 🙂

  • Well done for fitting a run in at all on a busy day – and its the weekend! Thats what Janathon does for us. I agree about taking a few miles to warm up!

    … and so I’m not the only nutter thinking about juneathon!

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