Day 30 – Retro run

Published January 30, 2011 by fitflo

Today I decided to go retro – I RAN WITHOUT MY IPHONE!

Taking a leaf out of Maggies book I set myself a target for this run – to enjoy it and go at whatever pace I wanted. So I did 2 laps of a route that’s an old favourite but I haven’t done during Janathon because I can only do it in daylight – it’s 2.5 miles across a field and along bridal paths.

I LOVED it. I bimbled along at my own pace – no Chad telling me to ‘get my feet with the beat’, no Valerie (the runkeeper lady) telling me I’m slow and have only run point 5 miles… I listened to the birds and the pound, crunch, pound of my feet on the frosty ground, and I stopped and watched a squirrel for a bit because he was acting suspiciously snuffling around the bottom of a tree ( I think he cottoned on to me because he quickly grabbed a nut and pretended to eat it but I could see the shell was empty and wasn’t fooled), and I stopped and chatted to a couple of dog walkers and played with their dogs and it was just a fab run. Relaxing, mind clearing ( I started out with a mild hangover that gradually cleared) and reminded me why I started running in the first place. My legs feel great and I am really looking forward to my club run tomorrow.

Not even midday and I’ve jogged, logged and blogged! A quick shower then heading off to the White Horse in Tea Green for a scrummy pub lunch with my urban family. A perfect Sunday. Enjoy your runs today folks!

Todays Stats

Distance: 5.03m

Time: 1h05m approx

PS Lots of thanks to Maggie and Gary V for the inspiration for todays run!


13 comments on “Day 30 – Retro run

  • Brilliant! What an amazing run! So glad to have had a small part to play in that! 🙂 Gary was totally right, setting yourself ‘fun’ targets instead of or as well as ‘proper’ ones really does help you to enjoy the run… You had proper PRB going on there! Hope the pub lunch was just as enjoyable! 🙂

  • Pub lunch. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Great run – I’m going to try that next weekend. I get so het up about how far I’ve gone and whether I’ll be able to finish it and stuff – all nonsense. Run, watch, listen, enjoy. That’s what its all about.

  • woo Retro – started picturing sony walkmans and velor jogging suits!
    Well done on your run sometimes its great to ditch all the anoying gadgets and just enjoy being outside. Goood Luck for your last day of janathon.

  • What an excellent, excellent run Flo. sounds like you’ve really grown as a runner during Janathon. And what a good idea – to go out and *enjoy* yourself. How novel. Best of luck for your last day of Janathon.

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