Day 31 – WHOOPEEEE!!!!

Published January 31, 2011 by fitflo

Todays Stats

Distance: 3.99m (damn did it again!!)

Time: 56m30s

Janathon Total

Running: 86.8miles

I’ve done 19.2 hours of exercise this month, 93.3m (did a couple of cycles and a swim) and burned off 15383 calories. So HOW COME I’VE ONLY LOST 4LBS?!?!?!??! LOL – don’t worry I know I’ve been eating more and actually I’ve lost inches so I’m sure the weight will start to come off soon. I’ll be keeping up the logging and blogging though probably not everyday, so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

I’ve so enjoyed Janathon. I am surprisingly ache free, so although I WILL have a rest day tomorrow, I intend to keep running 4 times a week and doing circuits/weights on the other days. I never thought I’d be a blogger, but have found it quite therapeutic putting my ramblings out there every day and actually having people respond! That combined with reading other peoples blogs is what has kept me in and helped me shed my moniker.



nuff said….


16 comments on “Day 31 – WHOOPEEEE!!!!

  • Hahaha definitely more than fortnightflo now! Thanks for keeping in touch during the month – really enjoyed your blogs and comments. Glad that iPhone screenshot thing worked out for you so well too! 🙂 Well done on a brilliant month.

  • Rebranded blog for June with a new name (Monthly Flo) doesnt sound right tho :-S

    Well done on completing the Janothon, 86 miles is a cracking effort.

    Keep blogging and keep up the training! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Did you get out for a day 32 run in the end? or give yourself a well-earned rest? Keep up the blogging, it’s therapeutic for you and entertaining for us! love it! 🙂

  • Congratulations and well done on a brilliant Janathon! Really enjoyed reading your posts and following your Janathon journey and looking forward to hearing how you get on post Janathon. Goodluck with Febulous! 4lbs weight loss – that’s certainly not bad at all! 🙂

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