2nd Feb – I miss Janathon!!

Published February 2, 2011 by fitflo

I miss Janathon! I felt bereft yesterday, like there was something missing from my life. Thankfully some of my favourite bloggers still blogged, and twitter was buzzing – even JogBlog did a crazy 8 miler (almost as much as she managed on the whole of Janathon ;-). I was v tempted to go out, but I stuck with my rest day plan as I wanted to try getting up and exercising in the morning. Don’t panic, I’m not turning into crazy Shaz running at 4.30am, but I did want to get up an hour earlier to do a Jillian Michaels circuit workout. And I did! Woohoo go me getting up at 7am – rare! Really enjoyed all those squats and tricep lifts which made a nice change from running, and will help strengthen my legs and core and improve my running. I think, like there’sasixpackunderhere that I also need to do some interval work to improve my times, so I might go out for half an hour after work tonight and run up and down that horrible hill a few times.

UPDATE: I did go out – I did a little hill and a big hill – just 2 miles in 25 mins but not bad pace considering…
I just want to get out and run, soooo looking forward to RC tomorrow. Do you think I can call myself a runner now??? I think YES!!


9 comments on “2nd Feb – I miss Janathon!!

  • Chuckle!
    Exercise realy is like a drug isn’t it?! I found myself in the pool this morning and am thinking about what to do tomorrow..
    Enjoy running club!

  • A runner you most definitely are.

    I’ve continued Janathon for two more days – Running Club on 1 Feb and then we did some running in early morning training in the park on 2 Feb. So today is my first non-running day and to be honest I am reveling in it. I spent about 20 minutes last night telling my partner how much I was *not* going to run today.

    Go you.

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