7th Feb – A rest

Published February 7, 2011 by fitflo

I’ll be honest, I’ve not done any running since my 8 miles on Thursday. I went for a 6 mile walk with hubby yesterday but that’s it. It feels great, but reading about how much everyone else has been doing has made me feel a bit lazy – Abradypus and Fattipuff are especially hardcore – I raise my hat to you both. Also Shaz has convinced me to do the Bupa 10k in May, so now I have a goal and need to get moving again. I am going to have a look at training schedules later and might post a schedule so that you can all shout at me if I don’t keep to it!

I am considering doing a 10k in April and May, then building to 10 miles in July or August to build up to the Royal Parks half marathon in September. Just considering at this stage you understand! Is anyone out there doing a run that would fit in to my schedule that I could crash? Would be nice to meet some of you and I think I need to aim for one race a month to keep me motivated…

Went for a nice little 4.08 mile pootle tonight with running club, couple of big hills, which I coped with well. I am getting sooo much out of running club – tonight I only stopped for a 30 second walk twice, which is way better than I was, and my average pace in the last few runs has been under 13 minutes. Hoping to be under 12 by the end of March.

Am really looking forward to Saturdays Janathon get together in Hyde Park – at the risk of sounding like a girl are any of you taking a change of clothes or are we going to lunch in our running gear? I’m not a pretty sight after a run…



8 comments on “7th Feb – A rest

  • I definitely think you should be setting yourself a 10 mile target event, but now, not later. If you can run 8 miles at the end of Janathon, then providing you stay healthy, you could get round 10 miles by this time next month if you wanted to 🙂

    …followed by a half marathon before July. Seriously.

    Regular 10k runs will keep your training on track, whether it’s an organised event, or a date in the diary between you and a bunch of friends. Time yourself, log it and blog it, and you’ll be able to track your progess.

    Once you’ve got your first 10 mile run under your belt (whatever the pace), you’ll be able to do it again in training. Get a few of those done, and a summer half marathon will be yours for the taking.

    If you decide to set yourself these goals, and consider the path that leads to them, I have complete faith in your ability to achieve them 🙂

  • Great that you have entered the bupa 10K! Its one of my favorites – I’m also hoping to do the Royal Parks Half Marathon i(f I get a place) – if not the Run for the Beat half marathon.
    Maybe if we cant find a 10 mile race we should plan a slow sociable janathon 10 mile run in June/July?
    See you all Saurday.
    Yes ? re change of clothes I know I live in my run kit but…

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