8th Feb – Thanks Local Adventures

Published February 9, 2011 by fitflo

No exercise to blog about today – unless you count the 20 squats I did whilst in the tanning tower? I’ve never used one before, but am going on holiday in 12 weeks and normally burn in the 1st 2 days so someone recommended I do 4 minutes twice a week to get my skin used to it. God they are BORING!! You just stand there NAKED with these wierd little metallic eye covers on… I was worried because the door on my pod didn’t lock properly and thought someone might think it was funny to nick my clothes… Anyway I got so bored I started doing some squats! Don’t think I’ll be repeating the experience, I’ll just buy factor 50 in bulk – I need another excuse trip to Costco.

Where was I – oh yes, I’ve had a strange week so far. Monday was OK, Tuesday was wierdo day at work – everyone I spoke to seemed to be on a different planet, then I was late finishing so didn’t get home until 6.55pm at which point I remembered we had a man coming from Everest about our kitchen. He was in our house for FOUR HOURS and quoted us £33000 for a kitchen similar to one I’d priced up at Wickes for £5000. We laughed in his face – no really we did, and surprise surprise he could suddenly ‘discount’ it to £19000. Whoopeedoo. Suffice to say he was out on his ass 5 minutes later with hubby ruefully shaking his head and muttering ‘I could have been in bed 2 hours ago’ (remember he is a postie so gets up at 5am). V wierd experience, would NOT recommend them. Today at work was better but just very long – 9am – 8.30pm. 

On the plus side I have made some VERY cool running plans that I am MOST excited about. After reading a comment left by LocalAdventures on mondays post I had a Eureka moment. In completing Janathon, I proved to myself that my body is strong, that I am strong and am capable of doing so much more if I just BELIEVE and take ACTION. I need to set my GOAL and PLAN how to get there. If I follow that PLAN I can ACHIEVE. So simple but really I never connected all of that before. I also realise now that I do need an end goal to focus on, I think my running has dropped off since the end of Janathon because I didn’t have one. That’s all changed now…

In the last 3 days I have made the following running plans.

Saturday 12th Feb (i.e. 3 days time) Finsbury Parkrun 5k with Abradypus and Shazruns followed by friendly 5k with fellow Janathoners – yay v excited about both of these!

Sunday 3rd April – Sandy 10 – er that’s MILES! In 7 weeks and 3 days. I am going to ask one of the coaches at club to help me put a plan together. Unless anyone has any suggestions? If you are feeling generous and know how to do these things it would be much appreciated – if you could build in my clubruns 0f 4 – 8 miles (can very accordingly) on Monday and Thursday that would be lovely!

Monday 30th May – BUPA 10k – should be a breeze after a 10 miler!!

End June/July – As per Garys suggestion I’d like to do a half marathon so again if anyone has any suggestions…

Sept/Oct – I have registered my interest in the Royal Parks Half and another half that I can’t remember because I got all caught up in the moment.

And that’s it – those are my plans so far. Somewhere in the middle of all that I’ll be getting a new kitchen, having a 2 week holiday and celebrating being with my hubby 15 years (we celebrate the anniversay of our first date instead of Valentines day). V busy few months coming up…I can’t wait, I’m just so excited about life at the moment and I put that down 100% to the running. This is a bit of an evangelical post but running has really changed my life. Oh, and did I mentioned I’ve lost 4lbs since Janathon finished – YAY!


8 comments on “8th Feb – Thanks Local Adventures

  • Sound like a fantastic range of goals that’ll keep you going through to the end of the year. I love having a new race to focus on as soon as I’ve finished the last, it does make such a difference. I LOVE the GNR, I’ve run it for the last 3 years now, and you can’t beat it for atmosphere! Saying that, it’s obviously a hard one to get in to.

    I can’t believe Everest stayed in your house for 4 hours! that’s mental! I shall heed your warning, and never let them cross my threshold!

  • Oh brilliant Flo, that is all very good planning. I bet you feel excited, but slightly daunted? However, Local Adventures is right, if you build on what you’ve done in Janathon, this is all very, very do-able.

    Excited to hear about your progress.

  • Aren’t Everest dreadful! I can’t bear the whole £33,000 down to £19,000 thing. I know it’s meant to make me feel like I’m getting a bargain, but I actually think “Well, if your first figure was a complete joke, is your second figure a complete joke too?”

  • Wowsers – awesome plans and stupid kitchen people! Bah!

    Sounds like you have your eye on the prize so to speak which is ace. I think having things to aim for is the key – when I started my whole Fattipuff to Thinifer regime I entered the Blenheim Tri which was, at the time, nearly a year away and a distant hope in terms of being able to finish it!

    Hurrah for running and exercise! (even if it has broken me in the short term!)

  • i know what you mean – i’m another “running has changed my life” evangelist! or more accurately – “running every day for a month has changed my life”. what a brilliant set of goals. congratulations!

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