13th Feb – My poor head

Published February 13, 2011 by fitflo

My poor head is pounding today, my first hangover of the year has reminded me why I cut back on drinking in the first place – bleurgh!

Had a fantastic day yesterday despite having to get up at stupid o clock. I got to Finsbury Park at 8.20 and spent 20 mins wandering around lost warming up and pacing the course for the 5k parkrun. Shazruns turned up first and is as friendly in real life as her blog comes across. Abradypus then arrived and is much fitter than she would have you believe and also just funny in real life as her blog is in print! We mooched around for a bit waiting for something to happen, then panicked as everyone was heading to the start and we still had our rucksacks with us full of everything but the kitchen sink a change of clothes for the post Janathon lunch. Abradypus came to the rescue and went running across the field with all three bags to leave them with the nice people at the finish. We started off at a brisk pace – my 1st mile split was 10.24 – I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that up so I waved abradypus off and settled into my own plodding pace. 2nd mile was 12.24 – that was the big hill, and then mile 3 was 11.43. I was really touched as Shaz came back and ran the last 400m with me with Louise standing at the end whooping and hollering and clapping me through the finish. I was 106th out of 108th and I’m not embarrassed by that as it was a very quick field and I beat my last time by nearly 3 minutes – 34.51 was my official finishing time. I keep telling myself we all have to start somewhere and I am happy that I am gradually getting better. I still have a long way to go but I’ll get there eventually.

After a leisurely pot of tea and banana we headed off to Hyde Park to meet the other Janathoners. Misty2k was already there, very bravely stripping down to shorts in the middle of the park – brrr made me feel cold just looking at her! No doubt you’ll have read all the other blogs so know who attended- in short a fabulous bunch of peeps. Gary (local adventures) was wearing a top that had COACH written on the back, so when he led us off on our 5k round the park I’m sure people thought we were his groupies exercise group – helped by the fact that he jokingly started doing star jumps and boxing moves which we all copied… Not only is he a lovely chap – very positive and happy – he is also (whispering this behind my hand so that he and more importantly my hubby doesn’t hear) very easy on the eye, so I was more than happy to follow him around the park!

Am aware that this post is becoming a bit rambling so I will quickly sum up  – I think I might still be a little bit drunk from last night! The 5k round Hyde Park was fab – as I was the slowest the group made sure someone always stayed with me and the rest kept looping back which I was vey grateful for and helped keep me going – miles were ALL under 12 minutes amazing for the 2nd run of the day.  After a delicious lunch at Prezzos with wine, water and conversation flowing with ease, I headed home for a snooze then out in the evening for a 40th birthday party. Staggered home at 4am this morning and am now feeling v sorry for myself but you shouldn’t have any sympathy for me as it’s self inflicted and will teach me not to drink too much especially after such a physically challenging day….must remember that if I ever do the Marathon…


13 comments on “13th Feb – My poor head

  • I’m sure on initial reading your blog said somewhere ‘quite hot’ that phrase has disappeared now!! I think you were referring to my sticky toffee pudding at the time-maybe. Running is good for clearing the head, best find those trainers! Feel better soon.

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