23rd Feb – Tempo run and nooooo shooooos

Published February 23, 2011 by fitflo


The only way to describe my first attempt at a tempo run. Optmistic Coach Bill prescribed 12 mins fast/2 min jog, when I discussed this with him on Monday I think he sensed I was scared, so said to try 4/1. I Tried. I Failed. MISERABLY. I’m not sure if it was because I was tired or just rubbish at it. Oh well – I can only get better.  Susan suggests leg strengthening exercises to help, so I’m going to incorporate a weight session into my weekly training with lots of squats and lunges.

On a very positive note, I took a leaf out of Maggies book and bought some new trainers – I’ve been getting some twinges lately that I’ve not had before and I think it’s because my shoes are worn out. Unlike Maggie, I don’t have a decent running shop near me, so as per Local Adventures tip on her blog, I checked my soles for where they get worn out and realised I had probably picked quite well before (completely by accident). So I got another pair of New Balance. Shaz is a bit of a NB number geek (she was checking all the Janathoners shoes at out 5k and I’m sure I saw her writing the numbers in a book like some sort of spotter…) so just for you Shaz they are 663, my last ones were 848 – I have noooo idea what the numbers mean but here’s a pic of old and new just for you…


9 comments on “23rd Feb – Tempo run and nooooo shooooos

  • Ooooooh… they look lovely… Gary’s advice was really helpful wasn’t it! My running coach has a habit of stepping on one of your shoes the first time they’re worn to make them mucky! I spent most of Monday’s session running away from him! No wonder I did so well!

    Next step… PRB on your tempo runs… a little bit of Optimistic Coach Bill’s magic optimism before your next attempt + those exercises = success at tempo running! Woop! 🙂

  • Wowsers – awesome training! I’m still scared rigid by long runs. Need to get over it really and just do some. Will do so when my legs return to feeling normal!

  • Nice trainers! Don’t see it as a disaster – reckon as you say you were just tired and having an off day – keep perservering and in combo with the strength training you’ll find it better next time I’m sure! 🙂

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