27th Feb – *sigh*

Published February 27, 2011 by fitflo

I am sooooooo relaxed right now man.

I’ve just returned home from a day of pampering at Champneys. I had a pedicure, a massage and a facial, and a little snooze in the conservatory in between. It was all very tranquil and I was so blissed out I bought 2 new swimming costumes for my holiday in May without looking at the price first…gulp!

Life got in the way of my running this weekend – after work yesterday morning, I went to see my mother in law in hospital. I gave her a dry shampoo and a facial to cheer her up (and stopped at Costco on the way home) so I didn’t get back til gone 8pm which is just too late on a Saturday to go out running and feel safe. This morning I was up and out at 8.30am which is earlier than I get up for work so there was NO WAY I was getting up earlier than that!!

I was worried that a training plan was going to start making me feel like I had to run such-and-such and I always have a strange reaction to being told what to do – I want to do the opposite! So right now, I’m feeling guilty becasue I haven’t run, I know that I’m a run short and SHOULD run, I do want to run but I want to do it because I want to do it not because it’s on a plan…


This weekends long run is lost I think, I can’t magic another day in the week. So instead I am going to make tomorrows planned 1 hour run a bit longer. Hopefully 2 hours but that will depend on the length of the club run. Interestingly, there is an article in Aprils Runners World about making training plans to fit 10/14/21 day cycles… might investigate further for my half marathon training… Page 19 if you’re interested.


8 comments on “27th Feb – *sigh*

  • Off to check page 19 desperate for a 10 day cycle. Dont stress about not fitting in a run life has a habit of getting in the way and running plans should be flexible. Never heard of massage making spending easier really must make sure I steer clear of it, although physio tends to releave me of a bit of money at the moment!

  • Don’t worry too much about missing out a run. As Shazruns says, life does get in the way sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up. I view my training plan as a guide to the “perfect preparation” and I haven’t yet been able to do every single run in any training plan I’ve had. But I know that if I do the vast majority of it, I’ll be okay.

    I always try and do the long runs in my plan, they seem to me to be the most important . . . I think. Anyway, upping that overall total distance I can run at any one time feels like an important psychological benchmark, as well as the physical benefit.

  • I’ve been reading the ‘alternative’ training plan rota in Runner’s World too… got to the end and decided that it seems even harder to fit in and then realised that life gets in the way of my training plan in a few weeks time and as a consequence, I’ve shifted my training into a 10 day rota instead of a 7… so it seems it does work!

    Champneys’ massage sounds wonderful… I’m thinking my sports massage tomorrow won’t be so much!

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