28th Feb – Frustrated Flo

Published February 28, 2011 by fitflo

It’s 8.15 and I’ve only just got home from work – working in sales means the last day of the month is make or break and we work til targets are hit or we die trying! Today I died trying…nuff said.

 I’m starving and tired and weary and annoyed that I didn’t make running club. Especially as I won’t be going Thursday due to it being our 15th Anniversary (of our 1st date – I’m not THAT old!). I am also peed off because I weighed myself this morning and I’ve put on a pound. There is no reason for me to be surprised at this as I have been eating badly, but even so I am frustrated with myself – why can’t I get my head around this. Eat less – Move more. It’s not hard, not rocket science so why can’t I do it? Why? I’m not a stupid person, I know what’s good for me and I know I shouldn;t eat more than 1500 calories because If I do I won’t lose weight. So why do I still eat biscuits and cakes and sweeties???

I have been mulling this over a lot lately, and I think part of my problem is my life feel cluttered at the moment…too many jobs that need doing and too much stuff everywhere both physically and metaphorically. I have booked friday off work and I am going to clear my house room by room, getting rid of any clothes that don’t fit me, shoes I don’t wear, books I don’t want to keep and other accumulated crap. I am also planning on organising my photos and my jewellery box. This sounds a little wierd but when my wardrobes and drawers are disorganised, that’s how I feel. I’m not OCD or anything…I just lke stuff to be in it’s place….OK maybe a little OCD.

Also I am making a public commitment to get up and run before work tomorrow, and again on Wednesday morning and again on Friday morning. I am declaring this on here so I have accountability and all of you to answer to if I don’t…and it’s me telling myself I’m going to do it not someone else telling me so I will stick to it! Hope you have all had better days than me – still tomorrow is a new dawn, a new day, a fresh start…


11 comments on “28th Feb – Frustrated Flo

  • Well done you for recognising that there’s a problem and doing something about it. It’s really easy to let that cycle of eating badly, getting frustrated, knocking yourself around about it continue on for way too long. So lovely that you’ve booked some time off work and are going to have a good sort out. I love having a good sort through all my stuff and chuck out, always feels immensely satisfying.

    And I hope the runs go well. Three between now and and Friday is an excellent plan.

    • Hahahahaha!! As if!! Although part of my new health plan ( I refuse to say diet) from Monday includes going to bed earlier in order to get up and exercise or do housework before work, so you never know…

  • I can completely relate to so much of this! The thing with food is that there is your rational brain and your ‘I want cake/chocolate/cheese/crisps NOW or Im’ going to DIE’ brain. It’s hard to overule the latter when it gets going! I find the ‘eat me now’ brain really kicks in when I try and deny myself stuff.

    Totally get the cluttering thing too – I find if I don’t have a list I can’t function. Am currently drifting around work in a haze at the moment as I dont’ have a list and can’t seem to work out what on earth I’m supposed to be doing. Job number 1 tomorrow: tidy desk. Job number 2: write list.

    Good luck with the running this week – hope you have a good one!

  • Easy to say, but please don’t worry about putting on a 1lb. Body weight can fluctuate up and down between 2lbs a day – 1lb is nothing to beat yourself up about.

    I know what you mean on the decluttering though – I did it myself last week! Good luck 🙂

  • Nothing like a good bit de-cluttering to sort your head out! Don’t be too hard on yourself about the 1lb weight gain though…it’s like Hels says your body weight can fluctuate up and down by a couple of pounds each day. Hope you have a good day on Friday and that you got on OK with getting your runs in before work this week…I always find they can be quite tough! 🙂

  • I hear where you’re coming from.
    Just the other day somebody said to me, “hey maybe you are also slightly OCD, a little out of reach my friend”
    I said, “yes, that’s partly true, but jokes aside, if you and I have any more conversations that remotely sound like lyrics from TakeThat, I will have to kill you.”

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