5th Mar – Stuff

Published March 5, 2011 by fitflo

I have too much stuff. It’s everywhere. In my wardrobes I have too many clothes, in my bathroom I have lots of plastic bottles, some more than 2 years old; my kitchen is full of lots of rubbish, mostly plastic – I could probably hold an 80s tupperware-style party and make enough money to have the kitchen redone!

But no more, I have spent all of today clearing out my wardrobes and bathroom andhave filled 2 large sacks with recyclable rubbish, one small bag of rubbish rubbish, 4 sacks to go to the charity shop and I have 10 items to list on ebay. I feel released, clean, uncluttered…well almost as tomorrows job is to do the same in the kitchen and conservatory. Once I have cleared out all the out of date and crap food I am going to fill my fridge and cupboard with lovely healthy food which is what they should be filled with but haven’t been lately…

As for running, well, I have a confession to make. I’ve not been out for  proper run since Thursday 24th Feb…I feel like a slob but I do have a good reason. I went for a little jog on Tuesday morning and my left achilles heel was really sore – I only did a mile. I have taken the week to rest it and am going to try a long run tomorrow. Trouble is as I lie here on the sofa with it elevated (I am doing rest and elevation well – icing and compression not so much) it is still painful. So, time to use this blog for more than just encouragement – have any of you suffered with this? Do you know what it is? How can I make it go away quickly so that I am good for my 10 mile run in 4 weeks? All tips would be v much appreciated please.


5 comments on “5th Mar – Stuff

  • Wow – the decluttering sounds great!

    As for the achilles – I’ve never had an ankle injury, but my general experience of injuries is that the quicker you go to a physio the quicker it gets fixed.

    Hope it goes away soon though!

  • Don’t know about injuries, other than not running on it for a bit and hoping for the best. But wow, what inspiring decluttering! Having read your post, I think I might try giving up stuff for Lent.

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