8th Mar – Happy Shrovesday!

Published March 8, 2011 by fitflo

Mmmm pancakes nom nom nom!  I love pancakes, preferably with sugar and orange juice, but Green and Blacks Hazelnut Chocolate spread works just as well for me… fairweatherrunner and I worked out they are about a mile each calorifically speaking so I’ll need to do 3 miles tomorrow – can’t face it tonight with all that stodge in me!

Went for my club run last night- we’ve never done more than 4 miles on a monday so imagine my surprise when 15 minutes into the route they tell me where we’re going and I work out it’s over 5 miles! I stoically kept a straight face but inside I was thinking – what if my ankle starts playing up?- we’ll be too far from anywhere for me to get back… It was OK though, thankfully we took it at a slow 13m30 sec per mile plod, so although my achilles was a little sore by the end, it wasn’t too painful and I stretched it off.

I’m really trying to avoid going to a physio – I’m sure they will tell me I have lots wrong with me and I just don’t want to hear the prognosis which will probably be lose weight, rest , blah blah blah, so instead, tomorrow I am going to go to a specialist running shop recommended by someone at Striders, where they do that funky gait analysis stuff. Just in case it’s my shoes. And then if it stll hurts after 2 runs on new shoes I PROMISE I will go to a physio. OK? Good!


8 comments on “8th Mar – Happy Shrovesday!

  • yum yum yum… love pancakes but have been SO lazy tonight I haven’t made any!! Ah well, I might just go and eat some chocolate to make up for it!

    Although the physio is a scary prospect… and incrediably painful… I’ve started to really notice the benefit now, after 20 miles on Sunday I thought I’d be screaming up the walls at sports massage today, but it’s only my calves that are still being naughty… everything else is improving!

    Good luck with the funky gait analysis though, I hope it sorts the pain before you have to hold your breath against any physio pain!

  • Gait analysis is what landed me with bright red trainers – be careful ;-P

    Having said that… I now love my bright red trainers (which are a tiny bit less bright than they were), and having shoes that support me properly has definitely made a mahooooooosive difference to how comfortable I feel when I run.

  • Well done on your run. Gait analysis sorted me out before so definitely worth a try. Absolutely love pancakes too but I only ever end up having them on pancake day – no idea why as I love them so much! 🙂

  • I was just figuring my goal for tomorrow… to run more miles than pancakes eaten! Then I read this and thought: 1) ‘great minds’ and all that… and 2) it already IS tomorrow and I really need to go to bed!

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