10th Mar – Day 2 of 46

Published March 10, 2011 by fitflo

Today is Day 2 of no crisps and I’m still hanging in there, although I was very tempted by a packet of salt and vinegar french fries that I had in the bottom of my drawer at work. They were crying out to be eaten, at one point they even jumped out of the drawer onto the desk in front of me between my hands with the top almost open – I was shocked!! But I was strong, I threw them down, said NO, and went out for a long walk, when I got back to the office the offending packet had been very helpfully removed by a colleague who had kindly disposed of them for me.

RE: giving up my lie in – I didn’t get up this morning – I can’t workout in the morning and run in the evening, that’s too hardcore. I will get up tomorrow, and then Saturdays lie in is being sacrificed for aan hour and a half run with some running club buddies…eeeek! That’ll be 3 days out of 5 which is fine for me.

Yesterday I went to ARO Sports, a specialist running shop in Hitchin where they do the gait analysis for free if you buy a pair of shoes. A few people had warned me that I would need to run on a treadmill, so I took my whole kit bag with me – sports bra and everything included. When the woman asked me to put my trainers on I asked her where the changing room was – she looked at me as if I was nuts and explained I would only be running for a minute or two. I felt soooo stupid. I rolled up my trousers and put on my trainers, and climbed on the treadmill that is handily placed in the front window so everyone can watch – perfect! After my little run, we watched the video and the nice lady explained everything. Here’s what I learnt:

1. I overpronate – badly.

2. I have cankles – really I do. When she first started the video I almost told her she was playing someone elses – surely those fat legs that end in a shoe with no definition of an ankle are not mine?? Alas they were. It was a bit of a wake up call.

3. The human body is a marvellous piece of engineering – my ankles bend soooo far in when I land – how do they not snap?? For that matter – how on earth do my feet/cankles cope with my bodyweight repeatdely slamming into them over and over and over again for 90 minutes?

4. I don’t know how to pronounce Saucony. Or Asics.

5. I am half a size bigger in trainers than in shoes – which makes me a hefty 8 1/2. I had to buy mens trainers at the shop because they didn’t have any womens in my size.

6. Some sales people are very nice – the woman took pity on me, gave me a 10% discount even though I’d forgotten my club membership card, and a list of the shoe models I’d tried on so I could look on the tinterweb to see if I could find them cheaper (I did).

I took the shoes out for a test run tonight and check out that pace!! 6m 14s mile on my favourite down hill and 11m 47 pace overall – MAGIC SHOES!!!

Just for Shaz – the shoes are Saucony Guide XT 900 mens, and I’ve ordered some Asics GT2160. They are nice and bouncey, I felt like I was gliding rather than plodding. My toenails were black to start and black at the end – but that’s because that’s the colour of my nail polish haha! They smell of rubber (I told you she is a but funny about shoes).


14 comments on “10th Mar – Day 2 of 46

  • Oops should have warned you to wear the sports bra when you go shoe shopping ! Glad they feel good it’s great to get that flying feeling from a good new pair of shoes even if it is just avoiding being run over when crossing a road!

  • Aces!!

    My magic shoes are also Saucony – amazing the difference it makes when you don’t rotate your ankle 180 degrees every time you put your foot down isn’t it?!

    Norty norty crisps – well done for resisting them!

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