14th Mar – A busy weekend

Published March 14, 2011 by fitflo

I had a really good weekend. I didn’t want to go back to work today. Bah humbag to Mondays.

Saturday started with a lovely 70 minute run with one of the club members I don’t normally run with. She’s an older lady – very entertaining, one of her comments to me, after watching me do my usual 6m mile down hill, was “Carla, if you can do that just think – if you lost a few stone you’d be a really quick runner!”. I love the directness of older people – they just say what everyone else is thinking and she is soo right! Anyway we ran a very pretty route across fields and behind a golf course, it was a bright, crisp morning, and I tried out my new Asics which were very comfortable and bouncey. The new shoes do seem to have helped with my achilles issue (touch wood).

Hubby and I went out for dinner Saturday evening (hurrah for Pizza Express vouchers!) and he talked me into having a few cocktails…Mojitos were the order of the day, I lost count after 5..we had a great night! Sunday I was a little worse for wear, but I managed to go out again for dinner (huzzah for Zizzi vouchers!) with some girlfriends.

Surprisingly after all that lovely food and drink, my weight stayed the same this week – I think it’s because I was very good all week at work, I still have not succumbed to crisps and mostly stuck to under 1500 cals between Monday and Friday. I’m aiming for the same this week which will hopefully result in a loss.

Tonight I went for a club run, Cheryl and I went out on our own. To be honest, I think we are being gently encouragd to move up into a speedier group. Part of me is resisting, but another part realises that I am not being challenged in the group I’m in. My natural pace is around 12 – 12.30 min miles, but they generally run at 13 – 13.30 min miles, so I think the time will come soon for me to wave goodbye to the safe old group and move onto the quicker one. We did 3 miles in around 35 minutes tonight – after saying all that I found it quite hard going…dare I say it I think I am actually starting to prefer exercising in the morning. Which is just as well seeing as all the races I’m signed up for are in the mornings!

Lastly, must just big up a few other bloggers. Well done to Abradypus who got a great sub 30 minute PB in Kingston Parkrun and congrats to Shazruns who is back running after 4 weeks break due to injury – am so pleased as she has v kindly entered the Sandy 10 to be my pacer and for a while there I thought I might be carrying her round! Well done also Helen who conquered a 20 mile race (bloody amazing!), ksweswee and all of team bangs on the run who did the Paris half marathon, Maggie who has done more races than I can count in the last few weeks (well 3 but still great!) and Jen who did her 1st official half Marathon in a great time.

The reason I have listed you all is that along with many other Janathon peeps (fattipuff, jogblog, cake of good hope, runhelenrun, notmuchofarunner, the gf runs, localadventures, lazybetty, thereisasixpackunderhere, travelling hopefully, fairweatherrunner to name but a few) you are my inspiration and you have turned me from a couch potato to (almost) runner. I only started properly running in January, the encouragement you have all given me through your comments, and the tips, stories and goals in your blogs has kept me interested and involved. I really do feel like I have broken the fornightflo moniker…it’s just habit now that Monday and Thursday is running club and I go for a long run at the weekend. I plan my week around the activity and hate it if I don’t fit at least those 3 runs in. So, thank you very much to you all. I hope that with your continued help I will break the sub 11 min mile mark……and conquer my cankles!


10 comments on “14th Mar – A busy weekend

  • What a lovely blog. Am so worried that I have been given the title ‘pacer’ god so much responsibility, I was thinker more ‘companion’ and you might yet have to carry me!! How far was that arm up your back when you drank 5 mojitos? (Not very at a guess!)

  • Sounds like a fab weekend, have to say I’m rather partial to the odd mojito too! Well done on avoiding the crisps and sticking to a calorie limit in the week. Reckon you’ll have no probs breaking the sub 11 min mile mark with the way you’re going! 🙂

  • That’s such a lovely post Flo, you are an inspiration to me too! I am a recent runner too and seeing others in the same position making such great progress keeps me so enthusiastic.
    I’m still struggling with calf injury and can’t wait to get back into doing some regular runs again.

  • Well done on keeping away from all the food temptations, obviously working as you are able to have a lovely weekend without too much damage!
    As for inspiration – you are too! Keep up your 3 runs you are making such amazing progress and inspire those of us who have been running a few years to try to also keep on improving.

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