17th Mar – OH DEAR

Published March 17, 2011 by fitflo

After catching the running bug, I spent most of February looking for and entering runs with other Janathoners and on my own. I have the Sandy 10 miles two weeks Sunday with Shazruns – a stupidly long distance for my first race but what the hell, I’m aiming for marathon distance so may as well start big! Then I have the BUPA 10k at the end of May with lots of other Janathon peeps which I’m really looking forward to After that I had nothing so I applied for the Royal Parks half as I really wanted to do another run in London. I didn’t get in through the ballot so I paid my entry into Run to the Beat on the 25th Sept which I have since heard lots of negative comments about. Anyway, it completely passed me by that there was a 2nd chance ballot for RPH, until Shazruns texted me on Monday saying she hadn’t got in on the 2nd chance thing. Oh dear, I thought, that’s only 2 weeks after run to the beat….oh well knowing my luck I won’t get in…I checked my e-mail and yes, you guessed it dear reader, I got in! Which means I am now doing 2 half marathons in 2 weeks.

Looks like I’ll be moving up a group at running club after all…


15 comments on “17th Mar – OH DEAR

  • Woo hoo join the club! I did both last year and lived to tell the tale. A bit of a batism by fire gir yiu on HMs!!
    I guess we have to decide which one ro really go for and which to tray as an outing!!

  • Sounds like you’ve been having a great couple of weeks. Go for the faster group at running club – you’ll be amazed at how quickly it seems normal, and then slow I suspect. You are great at saying how other people have helped you – I don’t think you realise how much you have helped other people (well me) so thanks!

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