21st Mar – A faster group

Published March 21, 2011 by fitflo

Oh my. I strutted into running club today with a spring in my step…yes – funny you should ask that fellow club member, I DID run at the weekend. TWICE in fact. How far you ask – well a fabulous 7.19 m run on Saturday followed by a 5 mile run along the Thames path on Sunday. Yes I ran in London Town, the old smoke, the big city…although the section of the path I ran on was quite peaceful (Abbeywood to Charlton) except for the bit that was actually on the Woolwich road!

So there I was, feeling grand and I thought to myself, Carla – it’s time to move up to that next group. Time to take on the challenge and start working on increasing your speed. So I bravely walked up to my coach, thanked her for doing such a great job and asked her to introduce me to the coach for the next group. I also dragged my running buddy Cheryl with me who has a lot of talent but not much self-confidence and I knew she was ready for it too. The people in the group were all lovely, and told me that although they normally run at around 11m30s miles, tonight they were doing a recovery run so it would be more like 12m mile. That’s fine I said – I’m around 12m30 so that’s a small enough step for me. What I didn’t reallise, is that they maintain that pace THE WHOLE WAY. NO WALKING! AT ALL. NONE. NADA. ZIP.


Although my average pace is around 12m 30, I think I get that by running a bit faster but taking walk breaks about every 15 minutes for a minute or so. God it was TOUGH. My legs ached, my breathing was ragged, I couldn’t speak and by the end of it I was bright red and gasping, but you know what – I DID it! And that’s how I felt the 1st week I joined the club, so I KNOW I will get better. And maybe in 3 months time I’ll be posting on here about moving up to the sub 11 minute mile group! And BTW Cheryl was brilliant – she kicked my arse!

Below is a screen shot of Sunday and Mondays runs – I am really pleased with them both – very different but great runs. I also took a pic of the Thames Barrier just to prove to my hubby I did the run and didn’t just go and sit in a cafe for an hour!


11 comments on “21st Mar – A faster group

  • woop woop for Flo – v brave to join the faster group. btw have you proved the point to hubby now that you aren’t just a fortnight flo after all? so far you are a 3 month Flo!

  • Well done you for keeping up with the running after Janathon! I have been doing the running but not writing the blog, am aiming for a half-marathon in June. Definitely stick with the faster pace, you will soon become addicted to maintaining pace and distance!

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