28th Mar – Sub 12 minutes – TWICE!!

Published March 28, 2011 by fitflo

Sorry I have been absent – I seem to have some sort of sleeping sickness at the moment, I just can’t get enough of it!

After last Mondays run I was really pleased with myself – 3. 6m at a 12:09m mile pace – a great start towards improving my pace. So when I went on Thursday I thought it would be the same again…

OH NO – this group is about PAIN, and PAIN and MORE PAIN!!  Thursdays run was 3.18 m at 11:46m mile pace. That’s an increase of 23 seconds. In one session. And then today, we went out again, 3.27m in 11:16m mile pace. So in one week they have upped the pace by 53 seconds.

I tried…I really, really tried to moan about it tonight, but the 2 coaches are so nice they just kept saying; Carla you did so well, you’re getting so much better, and they were smiling lots and patting my back and being all happy happy joy joy that I really couldn’t be moany. Really. So now I have to be moany on here cos I need to get out – here goes… 53 seconds increase in ONE WEEK WTF?????? Are they trying to kill me? Do they think I am an ATHLETE or something??? How can it be POSSIBLE to go that much faster in ONE POXY BLUDDY WEEK RAR!!!

Ah, that feels better. In other news, I did 2 ‘extra’ sessions last week. I have 2 friends that have seen me start running and wanted to try it themselves. There is a beginners group at my running club that starts in 3 weeks, but they wanted to try it out first to see if they could do it, so I said I would take them out a couple of times. Tuesday we started with a brisk walk – we did 1.9m in 42m40 – neither of them have exercised since school so I have to start really small. They both did really well, so on Thursday we added in 15 second bursts of very slow jogging, and covered 1.69m in 32m33s – an increase of 3 minutes in pace – what an improvement eh? I am going out with them twice a week to get them started then will hopefully hand them over to the professionals at Striders for proper coaching. It feels really good to be able to pay it forward and I hope at least one of them keeps it up, it will be good to have another running partner!

Right now I have mixed emotions about the Sandy 10 mile run (race?) that I am doing on Sunday. It’s my first race so I have all the what I presume are normal pre-race nerves. Have I done enough training? What if I’m crap? Is it OK to walk a bit if I need to? I talked it through with my new group coach who is handily also doing it! She said there is a massive hill mile 2 – 3 so I should start off with 12m30s – 13 m miles, and then once the hill is done and I’m into my stride (it normally takes me 3 miles to warm up) I can start to speed up with a view to getting negative splits. The who what now?? For those of you that don’t know (which is probably only me)apparently the idea when you do a long race is to get slighter quicker as you go, not slower. So negative splits means each mile is slightly quicker than the last. If I start at 13m and increase by an average 10 seconds per hour I’ll be at 11m 20 for my last mile which would be awesome! So that’s my goal for Sunday – start slow and steady and build up for a good finish. Shazruns is doing it along with me, I’m hoping that plan is OK for her too…although I suspect her inner competitive streak will pop out and she’ll want to run off – which is totally fine if you want to Shaz!

Not a lot more running planned til Sunday – 3 miles with my novices tomorrow, and 3 – 4 miler on Thursday at an easy pace, and maybe a really slow 2-3 miles on Saturday just to calm my nerves! Or a walk to the pub with hubby for a nice meal and a calming glass of red wine (just the one though…)

My next post will be after I have run 10 miles – eek – it probably won’t make much sense as I’ll be tired but full of endorphins!

Have a good running week everyone xx


9 comments on “28th Mar – Sub 12 minutes – TWICE!!

  • Any plan for me will be great. Will be nice to do a long run for a change! Getting to the end will be good enough for me as well as some interesting and amusing conversation on the way of course!!!!!

  • a brilliant blog as always! Good luck for the 10 miles, I felt exactly the same as you before my first one, and it was fine, and even fun! am with you, no idea about splits, thought that was something very supple people did lol! Well done on the pace increase, that is awesome and you are so good to get your friends on the road to running! I did that with a few colleagues last year and now they both run much faster than me, I am the proverbial tortoise, 11 minute miles is my pace 🙂
    looking forward to a blow by blow race report! GOOD LUCK xx

  • greettings@ good for you, inspiring your pals to get out there and run too! excellent…
    thanks for stopping by my blog, too. you are very busy, and i appreciate your time and comment. that sketch is one of my all time favourites. my favourite line is when the vendor says, “the cat’s eaten it.” something about the tone and tempo cracks me up every time.
    best wishes for you on the 10 miler! you’ll have a blast! can’t wait to cruise back here and see how it turned out for you.
    be well,

  • Wow, great post, you’re doing amazing! Best of luck for the Sandy 10 miler on Sunday – not that you need it of course, you’ll be fine I know you will! Try not to worry about it too much as it can ruin your run, above all else try and enjoy the day and the rest will fall into place. Look forward to hearing how you get on. 🙂

  • I know you haven’t posted about it yet… but I’ve just read about your 10 miles on Shaz’s blog… and have just been catching up reading your blog… similar sleeping sickness problems!!… and wanted to say: Well done!!! Fab running… and looking at the comments above, clearly we all knew you could do it! Hope you’re feeling good after it… I’m looking forward to reading all about it! 🙂

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