Published April 4, 2011 by fitflo

The wordpress community has been set a challenge – to get as many wordpress bloggers/automatticians to run/walk/swim/cycle 5k on the same day, then blog about it including pics and location. The day has been designated as the 10th April, but they are encouraging people who want to join in to do it anytime between 4th – 10th April.

However, Shazruns has other ideas. Why don’t we do 5k EVERY DAY from the 4th to the 10th she says. Right after a 10 miler….Is she mad? Possibly…but then I am too because I have agreed to do it with her! A greet inbetween Janathon and Juneathon I think – anyone fancy joining us?


7 comments on “WWWP5k

  • Sounds like fun but this week I will mainly be torturing myself with squats, jumping pull ups, planks and dumbbell press ups. The things we do to get into a bikini!!!

    I will join in the running on Saturday.

    Well done for your 10 miler. The hill and 9 mile wall sounded like torture so you can rightly be a proper smuggo today

  • Much as I would love to [lie], I really do have a bona fide excuse not to (I’ve been in meetings all day and have only survived by eating copious amounts of chocolate which has given me a pounding headache). Good luck, though.

  • Awww… and here’s me thinking Yes! of course! that’s a brilliant idea!… but then (obviously really upsettingly) realising that I can’t because it’s against the taper rules… damn it!

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