WWWP5K – Day Two

Published April 5, 2011 by fitflo

Todays 5k was a walk with the odd burst of slow jogging with one of my friends that I am coaching. It was bluddy freeeeeeezing out! Well, OK, not that cold but I’ve got used to wearing capris and a T over the last couple of weeks whereas this evening was back to long tights and a fleece…brrrrrr. Apparently it is going to warm up by over 10 degrees overnight hmmm I’ll believe that when I feel it!

My coachee is coming along well. 3rd time out and our average pace over the 3 miles has improved to 18m19s. She only has little legs which I tend to forget when I go striding off (I’m 5ft 11 she’s about 5ft 3…) so her brisk walking is more like a sunday stroll to me, but I got her doing longer, slower bursts today which she relaxed into and seemed to enjoy. I know I’ve said it before but I’m so pleased that I have inspired someone else to take up running, I hope to get her to an MK parkrun in the next couple of months.

Our route goes out across Wigmore Valley Park, behind Luton Airport, then round the back and through the housing estate to end up back at home – I live just opposite Luton Airport (thankfully not on the flight path!). Here is a pic taken tonight across the Beds/Herts border fields right at the start (it was just getting dusky – hence the grainy quality and also taken on my iphone). I can tell this is going to be my fave 3 mile run route in the summer…

Day Two Stats

Activity: Walk

Time: 58 mins

Distance: 5.24k


6 comments on “WWWP5K – Day Two

  • Am hoping to do my fave 3 mile tomorrow in 20 degree heat apparently, glad I got out this morning was quite mild I thought then. Well done on day 2 and for inspiring someone else to run.

  • Wowsers!

    I haven’t been blog reading for a few days and how awesome! Brilliant first race and love the 5km idea. I’m still building up after being ill, but will deffo get out for a 5km on Sunday. Awesome idea!

    Good luck with the rest of the week – you’ve run, walked – what’s next? cycling, swimming, skiing, skydiving??!

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