WWWP5k – Day Three

Published April 6, 2011 by fitflo

Just a quick update tonight – todays 5k was a roundabout commute home after a long, hectic 11 hour day at work. Am bushed – just about to eat and crash out. Am v excited as managed to get last minute tickets to see Faithless at Brixton tomorrow evening – but it means I have to run before work OUCH. Hence an ickle blog tonight so I can get some zeds in for tomorrows festivities.

I made tonight a semi-hill-training run, I did 1 medium OK hill, 1 f*ck off ‘orrible ‘ill and 2 inbetweeny meh hills. The f*ck off orrible one is my nemisis some of you may remember from my Janathon Wednesday runs home. I am pleased to say I ran 75% tonight as opposed to my 30% best effort previously. My target is to conquer it by the end of June.

Was a slow pace overall due to the hills, however when I was on the flat I was running 9m30 to 11m15s pace! Hills are the way forward – so says the word of Carla. Am aware I’m rambling now due to tiredness and hunger so I’ll sign off. See you tomorrow!

Todays Stats as below


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