WWWP5k – Days Six and Seven

Published April 10, 2011 by fitflo

I’ll be honest, I didn’t run yesterday. Not for the reasons you probably think (hangover) but just because I didn’t have the time. I ended up having to work Saturday morning, and as I had my brother and sister-in-law coming to stay Saturday night I had a mammoth housework session to do! I think my legs were thankful though – having done something every day since the 10 mile run on Sunday they were grateful of the rest.

So today I talked everyone into going for a walk up through the park and through a village called Cockernhoe. On the course of the walk we left Bedfordshire, walked through Hertfordshire and back into Bedfordshire – all in the space of 4 miles! The sun was shining and we talked about all sorts of thing – mostly the new addition which is due on 1st October. I am very excited about becoming an Aunty even is to an embryo that is only 12 inches long at the moment!

With the WWWP5k week over, I am disappointed in myself I didn’t do the 5k everyday.  I felt much better whilst I was keeping it up and I think it prevented me getting aches or pains after my long run. My next focus is the BUPA 10k in just 7 weeks, which means it’s only 4 weeks until my holiday…I am sooo excited. However it does mean that I have to train whilst I am away as the run is just 1 week after I get back – I think it’s time to talk to coach Bill for a new plan!

Todays Stats

Activity: Walk

Time: V v v slow

Distance: 4.5 miles


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