Recipe for Elderflower Collins – perfect summer drink and NO HANGOVER!

Published April 11, 2011 by fitflo

Okay. It’s 7 weeks today until the BUPA 10k. After getting a (much) better time in the Sandy 10 than I expected, I am aiming high. I would like to complete it in under 1 h 5 mins. That means I have to get my speed up to an average 10m 50s per mile – the best I’ve maintained over a distance is 11m 45s. I have a 3 pronged attack planned:

1. Run 5 times a week including 1 tempo run and 1 hill/speed work per week (see training plan)

2. Add 3 sessions of strength training per week focussing on core/leg strength

3. Lose 18lbs before race day – this is an average of 2.5lbs per week which is realistic given the planned increase in exercise, and is 7.5% of my body weight. In my head I have decided that this will make a 5% difference to my speed which equates to approx 30 seconds. That is not based on any science, but because I have said it, it will be so!

Tonight was running club, we did something call the boulders run which is fields/trails. It was great fun, but after 4 days of socialising I found it tough – there is a hill at the beginning and the end – the one at the end looks almost vertical. I will post a picture of it next time I do it! Tomorrow I am due to take my newbies out again followed by a 30 minute tempo run. I spent some time researching the perfect tempo run on the internet and Runners world seems to have the best approach so I have added it onto my training plan page for future reference.

Finally I must just briefly tell you about my fab weekend. Thursday started with Faithless at Brixton for their penultimate gig. I have seen them many times over the years at various venues indoors and out, but this was without doubt the best. Emotional, earthy and AWESOME! I ran in the morning and spent 2 hours in the evening jumping up and down, which is why I didn’t feel so bad about Fridays shenanigans…many drinks at the Southbank Centre (the photo was taken from the 5th floor balcony bar) followed by cocktails at Bottoms Up in Covent Garden where I discovered my new favourite cocktail. Elderflower Collins. Not only do they rock, they taste like homemade lemonade and DO NOT CAUSE HANGOVERS!! I swear! I think it’s it’s all the lemon juice. I have slightly modified the quantities to suit my taste, so here is the recipe (for fairweatherrunner):

Elderflower Collins

1:2 parts Elderflower cordial and gin – I use approx 15 mls of cordial to 30 mls of gin, but whatever is good for you, depending on the size glass you have.

Juice of half a large lemon.

Mix with slightly bashed ice (not whole cubes but not completely crushed) and top with Soda water.

The bigger the glass the more the alcohol – the soda should be no more than half the drink.

Variations – I tried mixing it with pressed apple juice which makes it sweeter, or you can substitute the Elderflower cordial for any good quality syrupy cordial. For a plain Collins (like a gin Mojito) substitute the cordial for plain sugar syrup or 3-4 spoons of muscavado sugar mixed well. Try your own variations, preferably with lots of friends to test them on whilst enjoying the sunshine, which is pretty much how I spent Saturday evening (testing them on my brother and hubby) and Sunday (testing them on er…myself!). Hence the heavy legs and slow run tonight!

And just because it’s pretty below is a pic taken at the end of tonights run.


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