Another Tempo run attempt

Published April 12, 2011 by fitflo

I treid a tempo run again today – Tuesday is now known as Tempo day in the Greer household. The plan called for 30 minutes, and I thought I’d start with Week 1 from the runners world plan, which is 3 mins fast (which I take to mean the pace I want to get to) followed by 1 min slow. It took me a little while to get started and I am a bit annoyed with myself because I should know by now that it takes me 15 minuets to get my legs warmed up and my breathing right.  I didn’t manage the pace for the whole 3 minutes once I was warmed up, but the last 4 splits aren’t too bad; as abradypus pointed outat least there is a marked difference between fast and slow!

 Overall I think this attempt was more succesful than the last one in February, I just have to ensure that I warm up for 15 minutes in future not 5!

Here’s the split breakdown: 

mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
1 12:29 -20
2 11:46 45
3 9:59 -22
Intervals Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
5:00(warmup) 13:28 3
3:00(fast) 13:27 0
1:00(slow) 13:00 -2
3:00(fast) 10:59 -6
1:00(slow) 10:48 -2
3:00(fast) 10:30 -0
1:00(slow) 11:45 0
3:00(fast) 10:21 5
1:00(slow) 24:12 2
3:00(fast) 11:43 7
1:00(slow) 15:40 0
3:00(fast) 9:30 -7
1:00(slow) 15:50 -0
5:00(cooldown) 6:04 1

5 comments on “Another Tempo run attempt

  • There’s a tempo session on a Thursday at the club I’ve started going to and I’ve always been to scared to go but after reading your blog I’m thinking I might just give it a go too…well maybe…we’ll see how I feel by Thursday! 🙂

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