New You Bootcamp Fitness Day Review

Published April 16, 2011 by fitflo

After reading about fattipuffs adventures on the New You Back to Basics Bootcamp, I decided that I liked the idea of lots of exercise to push my body to the limits, but am not so sure about listening to bonkers nutrition lady or eating just 1200 calories a day. So I decided to try out their fitness day at Finsbury Park. When I called up to book it I found out they had an offer on – bargain! I got it for £45 instead of £75! I coerced a friend into doing it too, because if you recommend someone you get entered into a draw to win a week at the bootcamp (I’d go if it was free – NOTE TO BOOTCAMP OWNERS I would also give a GREAT review!!!). And of course I mentioned Fattipuffs name when I booked in the hope she might win another week of torture pain healthiness even if I didn’t. The friend I coerced is one of the ones I have been coaching, and unfortunately she had to pull out. In hindsight probably not such a bad thing as she is not quite as fit as me and I think she may have struggled.

So, I rocked up the Finsbury Park at 8.30, which bought back some pleasant memories as the last time I was there was to meet Abradypus and Shazruns for the first time, and do the parkrun. I walked past all the parkrunners, actually half wishing the bootcamp day started at 10am so I could fit it in before, BOY am I glad now that wasn’t the case!!

I met the PT for the day – suspected he was the guy standing with a clipboard in camouflage (is that spelt right?) trousers, surrounded by women in work out gear. Suspicions confirmed correct when I got nearer and realised he had a T shirt emblazoned with NEW YOU BOOT CAMP – must get my eyes tested… Anyway, once he had us all mustered together, he told us his name (actually ‘just call me Staff’) and set out some rules for the day. Do what he says, no standing with hands on hips, respect all team members, do your best and when you think you’re done TRY HARDER! Straight away we had to do 5 press ups as a girl was standing with her hands on her hips. We headed off round the park for a gentle jog and warm up session and I got a little concerned at a couple of points because we were straying onto the 5k course and I know how seriously they take it there, but we only seemed to get in one persons way and he just swerved round us phew! We spent about 45 mins doing the warm up, then went on to some stretching – we stretched LOTS throughout the day which was good. The run was followed by a boxercise session and a sprint training session which was AWESOME. I am definately going to build that into my 10k plan – perhaps alternating with tempo runs as I am so rubbish at those. After a short break we did 30 mins of light circuits. These activities were all punctuated by LOTS of pressups as that one girl from the beginning (Svetlana – not sure she actually understood the instructions) stood with her hands on her hips ALL THE TIME!!! Grrrrr….

All of a sudden it was 12.30 so we stopped for lunch. I’m glad I opted to take the healthy chicken and avocado salad I made last night as I was the fattest person there and the others all pulled out salad and fruit. I followed my salad with 2 slices of buttered Soreen Malt loaf – OK OK I know it’s not that healthy but I needed the energy and this is my faaaave at the moment!!

After lunch, Staff eased us back in with a trivia session whilst stretching and doing situps, then we went for another jogging session. Once we were all warmed up again, we played some team games which was my favourite bit as it appealed to my inner winner (oooh I like how that sounds!). I was paired with Mel, who does the fitness days regularly – she was an awesome partner, as competitive as me so we won 2 out of the 3 games we played against 3 other teams. The teams then changed for one of those thinking/physical type games you get on cheesy corporate days (won both of those of course with my superior brain power…) then we hit the hardest session of the day – 40 minutes of intense circuits. Paired up, one of us had to run a loop whilst the other did the exercise (squats, lunges, weight lifts, situps etc etc) and as a team we had to do 100 of each, switching every time one of us completed the loop. About half way I passed the point where it changed from a physical to a mental battle, I was aching and tired and a bit delirious, but from somewhere I just got this little mantra in my head – I can do this, I am strong, I can do this, I AM strong. Afterwards I realised it came from maggies brilliant PRB post  and it worked so well I am adopting it for all future challenges. In fact, it worked so well that after we finished our reps, whilst my partner just sat down I got up and pushed myself round another running loop. Staff was well impressed I could tell!

To round off the day, we did a bit of pilates, lots more stretching, then a bit of core work and more stretching. We finished just before 4pm which, taking off the breaks, meant I had just spent about 5 and a half hours exercising. I felt suprisingly OK and toddled off back to the tube with a couple of new friends to start my journey home.

On the way home I was stuck on a very busy train so I was standing the whole way – I did have a seat but I gave it up for an old lady who then proceeded to tell the woman next to her she hates girl babies (the woman had her baby boy with her) and I took offence to that and wished I hadn’t given her my seat! I started to feel quite stiff and sore so when I got back I had a cold shower as suggested by Staff and filled up the bath so I could plunge into the cold water after my shower. It was hard and I’m not sure it helped as I am STILL bright red and boiling hot, but I guess we’ll see tomorrow. Mel said after her first session she couldn’t even walk downstairs unaided, Staff said we should try a gentle walk…I’m not making any plans til I get up!

Then, disaster hit – the same thing happened to me as after the Sandy 10, I couldn’t eat!!! I finished thinking I would be ravenous, but wasn’t able to eat more than an orange until an hour ago (8.30pm). This is a good thing and suggests I should perhaps try to do more than 90 mins exercise at least one or two times a week to produce this effect!

I will definately do the fitness day again – maybe aiming for every other month or so. It’s a good way to increase your endurance and all of the girls that had done it regularly (at least once a month) said that their fitness had improved and that each day gets a little easier. I’m still not sure about the bootcamp. If I could try it for 2 or 3 days before committing to a whole 7 I might give it a go. But I can’t help thinking that for the price of a bootcamp I could have 2 long weekends at Champneys, treatements included, and I know which I would prefer!

Finally, I would like to wish all tomorrows Marathoners a huge good luck. I am probably posting this far too late as they’ll already be in bed but hey ho – I’ll be cheering for you all (maybe from my bed…).


12 comments on “New You Bootcamp Fitness Day Review

  • Awesome!! So glad you enjoyed it 🙂 we had a girl who kept putting her hands on her hips too – maybe they plant them!!! I’ve been thinking it’s about time I did another one so if the dates work out I’ll come play!
    Hope you can walk this morning!!

  • Oh my gosh, well done you! Sounds very full on and very hardcore! My sister twisted my arm into going to a boot camp with her a couple of years back – it was an Apple and Pears one down in Dorset and was for a whole week plus it was in December so was bloody freezing!! It was very good and gave results but there were also a lot of tears (not from me I might add!) and hunger pangs (yep I was the starving one!) along the way! 🙂

  • Check you – that sounds really full on but fun too. Not sure I’m brave enough for a full day BootCamp onslaught though I do need something to help negate the effects of Easter and the mini eggs! Did you think overall it was worth the money?

  • amazing Flo, well done and thanks for a lovely blog. i sometimes go on hols where we do about 5 hrs strenous exercise a day, so i can share your feeling of exhileration, but then i go and dive into a nice blue sea, not a cold bath, owch, no way!

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