It’s all gone quiet

Published April 20, 2011 by fitflo

I was stupid – on Saturday I just wore normal trainers instead of either of my 2 new pairs of ones with lots of support…I have therefore been suffering with a very sore left ankle and Achilles which is entirely my own fault. I tried to run Monday evening and ended up just walking 3 miles because it hurt too much. It’s feeling much better now though so I am hoping to get out for a little plod tomorrow evening depending on what time I finish work.

Talking of which, work has been a mare as well – 11 hour days all week and tomorrow I have to be at work at 7am. YUCK – I am soooo not a morning person. Ah well, just one day to go til the long weekend yippee! We’re staying with my friends in Charlton again so am planning another London run – either along the Thames path or Greenwich Park. All depends on how I feel after going to see The Orb and 808 State at Indigo2 on Saturday night (could be showing my age there..).

One last thing – am feeling mighty proud of myself right now as it appears I am a trendsetter! On Sunday I served some fizz with a touch of Elderflower cordial and a slice of lemon in as I’m not too keen on it on it’s own, and lo and behold the cocktail predicted to be big in the city this year is….the TWINKLE – champagne, vodka, elderflower cordial and a twist of lemon. Although I didn’t add the vodka as it was a tame Sunday drink not a hardcore session!! You heard it here first!

Bring on the sunshine – happy Easter everyone!


8 comments on “It’s all gone quiet

  • Time for me to show my age-have no idea who you are off to see have never heard of them, do hope they are good though! Have a great weekend, cant wait to hear about the Thames Path/Greenwich Park run

  • Just thought I’d mention… Don’t seem to be able to comment on your most recent ‘Mofo nicking mojo’ post. If deliberate then no worries but if not, then hope you get to read this. I hope things at work improve for you soon by the way and you can enjoy your runs again (the planned, one foot in front of the other type of runs that is… The other sort are less enjoyable)

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